Monday, July 30, 2007

Answers for Cine Quiz 4

  1. Connect: Santosh Shivan, Bharathiraja and Mani Ratnam (They are directors – that’s common knowledge) Ans: Have won the National Award for best regional film more than once.
  2. Connect: Chandra Sekhar, Atul Kulkarni, Nagesh and Prakash Raj. (Besides acting as Villains) Ans: National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
  3. Connect: Thillu Mullu and My Dear Marthandan. Ans: Guest Roles by Kamal Hassan
  4. Apart from being brothers, what is the common link between Surya – Karthik and Dhanush – Selvaraghavan? Ans: Surya and Dhanush have assumed names while the other two have real names.
  5. Expand T.I.G. Ans: Trust In God - Alaipayuthey Dialog. Doctor to Madhavan
  6. Ans: Johnny - Right after Rajni and Suruli Rajan rob the jeweller. The photo was cut to take out suruli rajan from the frame or else it would have been a sitter.
  7. Ans: Visu from Varavu Nalla Uruavu. In my knowledge, this is the only movie where Visu comes with a bald head.
  8. Ans: Varumayin Niranm Sigappu. The scene where Sridevi tries to convince Prathap Pothen to give Kamal Hassan a job in his father's company.
  9. Micheal Madhana Kaama Rajan. Crazy Mohan to Kamal Hassan - in maligai kadai.
  10. Iru Kodugal, 'Sowcar' Janaki to 'Gemini' Ganesan.
Lots of visitors had emailed me about how to take screen shots of movie scenes - you can use BSPLAYER, a free player in which pressing the key P or CTRL+P helps you make real time captures.

Congrats to Blogeswari for a scorching performance - the best score so far in this quiz series. Zero as always, was consistent with 7/10.

The next quiz will be up later this week!

Thanks to all of you who are making this quiz going.



Anonymous said...

1. The first answer is quite forced, I must say. (I mean, their films have won the National Awards alright, but that doesn't really bind them in particular.) But, I guessed it'd be so, which is why left it empty this time.
3. Well, well, for the 3rd, I think my answer too is as compelling as this!
7. Yes, that is the only film in which Visu sports a bald look! I remember the film so vividly, but had to google for the title.

Karthik Sriram said...


Yes - I was compelled to give you points for your 3rd answer.

Anonymous said...

That was to say that the national awards hook was very apparent given their names, but I hardly thought of it as the connection!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my bad, didn't realize that my score was including the 3rd.

oLi said...


I was very busy for the last week and could not get to this fun quiz. Will definitely participate in the next one. Looked at the answers and may be I would've gotten 5/6 after thinking hard :)..

Great quiz.

Blogeswari said...


# 3- Didnt pratap pothen do a guest role in Tillu mullu ? And yes, he directed MDM. So, that's a definite connecting link right?

Your answer for the Surya:Karthee ; Selva:Dhanush - ok valid
There are other connecting links too
a) A friend mentioned this - Fathers too belong to the film fraternity..he he he
b) One of them in the pair married to a (former??)leading actress / the younger one addresses a leading actress as "ANNI".. he he he
c)Both made their debut as actor/assistant director under the same banner. Surya under maniratnam as actor ;karthee under maniratnam as Assistant director . Selva under kasturi raja as assistant director ; Dhanush under kasturi raja as actor

ambi said...

congrats to b'wari.

yekka, treat enga? eppo? :p

and danks for the BPlayer. :)

Yuva said...

your knowledge of Tamil films astounds me...long live Tamil and thiruttu VCD (*wink*)

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Blogeswari,

Unga friend - the one who told both their fathers are in cine industry nu sonnangale, avangalai poi oru vaati kuttitu vanga!

@ Ambi,
No probs dude!

@ Yuva,
Thanks! I take it as a compliment.

Deepa said...

Where are my answers? Delete pannittiya?

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Deepa

Ur answers are there in previous comments section.