Friday, July 13, 2007

One for you, me and everybody

A superb effort from ARR

I'm wedded to google - that's why google video instead of youtube!

Rahman's take on the effort:

Google videos didn't have this video on it - so courtesy youtube!

I really loved this song and the video and ARR's reason for making it different - instead of showing India or some other third world country, the production team has shown America, where with great wealth lies great hatred and intolerance. The lyrics (by Blaaze) does strike a chord and for me, one line sums it all up:

"Are you looking for a reason,
to be kind......."

Recently, in the place I'm interning for this summer, there was a "help the community" kind of event for which there was a 50-50 raffles draw, meaning all people pool in a certain amount, X out of which half goes to one lucky winner and the other half goes to charity. I was taken aback with such an arrangement, which was basically trying to turn charity into some form of lucky draw.

This song is definitely needed in these dark times!


Blogeswari said...


First things first.. Happy birthday :)

Loved the song...ARR rocks :)The video is sad.. I mean the technique, not the visuals .The directors have tried to do something different and failed miserably.What's the vertical video all about? Something to do with 'Pray for me brother' as a concept or just like that ("Hey, see this video is different" types)

Thanks for the video,Karthik.. Brought back wonderful ARR memories :)

Have a wonderful birthday, friend

oLi said...


(1) Good intentions. But why go to hospitals in NY, London (well, Delhi was a partial exception) to see someone crying out SOS, when we have GHs almost in every town? I think it is a stunt to gain more international recognition. But again, good intentions and I appreciate that.

(2) Song was mediocre.

(3) Video - I would have been happier if more of India were shown.

(4) Has a clear MJ's "Save the world" touch.

Nice post BTW. I did not know ARR was doing this sort of a thing.