Thursday, July 12, 2007

5 Point Someone

I was inspired to read this book quite lately - I saw some reviews on wikipedia, some other arbit websites and of course, Orkut!

The book is basically about 3 friends - Ryan, Hari and Alok - 3 guys who have nothing but their courses and hostel in common. The book starts right at the moment these 3 guys enter the "hallowed" portals of IIT. What follows is a downward spiral for all 3 of them - from being one of the nations best minds to some anonymous five point "something"s and in the end how they turn out to be "someone - the journey is realistic and keeps you hooked.

To many Indians who consider IIT as nothing short of a temple and people who study there as direct descendants of Einstien, this book tries to show that people at IIT are also normal human beings with their share of emotions and not walking talking encyclopedias.

The way in which Ryan keeps questioning the need to stick to dogma at the institution where India's best minds are supposed to revel in engineering creativity, touches a chord.

Overall, the book was an amazing read. I really loved it and really hope that Bhagat comes up with a sequel of some sorts. Click here to know more.

Verdict: Must Read


Dushti said...

I read the book a coupla months back and boy, loved it so much !

ambi said...

thanx for the link maamu :)

Bhavani said...


Heard it is your birthday on Sunday? Happy Birthday to you! Have a lovely day :)Enjoy!