Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hail, Emperor Federer

This is the best Roger final for me. The opponent was giving more than 100 percent and Federer was not close to his personal best, but still won. I can now, with some definite authority say Federer is miles ahead of Nadal on any surface other than clay. And in my age, after Sampras, Roger is up there. Though in terms of stats, Fedex leads Pistol Pete, Pistol Pete nudges ahead, just because of the high quality of competition that he had while, nowadays, Fedex matches are more of how badly the opponent gets kick-a**ed (again not on clay). And Sampras is closer to the heart for his equanimity - Pistol rarely celebrated a point and after a win was the most composed person (this changed only in one final - his final final in US Open where he came from nowhere to win the tournament).

But lets savor the moment - Hail Emporeror Federer. Till he loses his touch, Federer will always qualify for this at Wimbledon - Veni, vidi, vici.


ambi said...

wow! i missed the match.

pet sampras is the best, enna point kotta vitta mukkaala azhuvaaru! :)

ada, quiz ellam vera nadakuthaa? theriyaama pochee! (he hee, answersum neraya therila).

pls post the ans soon. :)

Hari N Iyer said...

agree with you 100 %

i am big pistol pete fan .. i and now i love feddie the king ... i am torn abt the fact that feddie will soon equal and may be go past petes records

NIRMAL said...

me to a huge Pistol Pete fan during school days..
But FEDERER has charm in his shots.
Also Federer was lucky to win that final because everyone knew nadal played really well.
I think federer always has a slight fear that nadal might beat him everytime he plays against nadal

But Roger federer truly rocks