Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hits the nail right on its head

I saw this article in This article is seriously one of the better articles in the usually-nonsensical Rediff.

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After 'Abhiwarya', this might well be the most irritating media covered event/incident this year.

Good excerpts from the original:

Sanjay Dutt was born in 1959. That means he was well into his thirty-fourth year when he was arrested in 1993. A man that hasn't gained a modicum of common sense by that age is certainly not a man that can be trusted with any kind of firearms, leave alone an AK-56.


Even imprisonment does not seem to have shoved a modicum of common sense into Sanjay Dutt's skull. In November 2000 the police allegedly taped him talking to the notorious Chhota Shakeel. The release of those tapes' transcripts proved too much even for Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray (who had stood by him when his father's Congress colleagues were dropping out of sight in 1993).

This conversation reputedly came within days of Sanjay Dutt receiving exemption from appearing in the special court for two months; at such a time he had no business talking to any suspect acquaintance, even if the conversation were confined to inanities about the weather.

The actor was subsequently asked to confirm whether he had indeed spoken to Chhota Shakeel on the night of November 14, 2000 as the tapes indicated. Sanjay Dutt then told Judge A P Bhangale that he could not remember anything much from that evening because of all the liquor that he had consumed. Full points for honesty perhaps, but after all this it is utter nonsense to claim that this man is any kind of a role model for youth.


Actors are fond of flaunting their credentials as social activists. Perhaps the greatest social service that Sanjay Dutt could perform in his troubled life would be in ramming home the twin messages that actions have consequences and that nobody is above the law.

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Blogeswari said...

Abhiash you mean :)

Thank God! Finally , finally someone like TVR Shenoy decided to write something decent on the blast verdict and Sanjay Dutt. I have stopped reading the newspapers since Tuesday afternoon...filled with nonsense like "May God be with Sanju.." "Baba, you will emerge victorious" etc from celebrities like Diya mirza, Dino morea and the likes.. arrgh!

And not to forget the vox populi on the junta who, with the alpa aasai of seeing their passport size photo in print give 'opinions' like "He suffered for 14 years.. Let him not suffer more.. " " 6 years is too much for Munnabhai" kinda stupid stuff