Sunday, July 20, 2008

The week that was.....

Last week was a whirlwind - and perhaps the first birthday ever where I did not have any family or my small friend(s) group.

And it was the second time I was part of an accident. Its curious to me that in the 2 accidents I have had so far, I was not driving on both occasions; while the first one in 2003 was catastrophic in terms of a broken wrist on the eve of sem exams, the second one at Chicago did not leave any damage, at least till this moment. But it is funny to get out of a vehicle when it is upside down. :)

And the best part is yet to come - I'm an addict of the 'Master' and a decision by a friend to surprise me for my b'day resulted in me finding a rough-cut edition of a Jeeves Omnibus (Yeah! I love it - A Jeeves Rough cut is cool) staring at my face from the place where my Bru Coffee jar peers at me did leave me smiling at the end of a week, which except for a couple of fun evenings spent with my friend's family, was B-A-D in terms of work - where I found out that, as is beauty, attitude is skin-deep and as much as Indians are supposed to the fabled crabs, pulling each other down, Caucasian and Afro-Americans are no good either. They suck too. Perhaps, apart from being hard-working, intelligent, resourceful and all the other BLAH, I think being selfish and ruthlessly inconsiderate are necessary tools to have a happy life at work.

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