Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm, as a principle, emotionally, financially and physically, an independent person, as far as possible. I've never actually felt the need for those "Saaptiyaada kanna?" kinda phone calls/emails from India. I never talk about me being unwell to my parents or any other family member. In fact, after I crossed 10, my parents actually do not know whether I've had fever/illness, except for my broken wrist, which was un-hideable. But recently, I feel I have changed. For once, I miss someone who was unknown to me exactly a year back, even if the "away" part is 2 days or 20 days. I feel I have become, emotionally, dependent. :-|


Anonymous said...

awww.. kalakarel pongo :)

NIRMAL said...

Cancerians are the most emotional of the lot ;)

arnt u a cancerian?
Cancerian best match is capricorn (polar opposities)

now you why !!!

Rukmani Ram said...

Think of how you made your first friend the first day of school, hot home made athirsam/murukku, or the time a year ago when you met the friend you miss. Doesn't help, but pop culture says you must.

Srinath said...


Pennendraal Paeyum irangum, pinna manushanga or rather pasanga yendha moola???

Venumnaa sollu register officela saatchi kainaattu poda naan surea varen machi!!!