Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Adiyenin Mokkai-gal!

I don't know about how I suddenly started, but my PJ-ing skills are seemingly going from strength to strength. Recent Samples:

On Orkut:

Friend1: What's happening at your end?
ME: Ennoda end-ku innum konjam time irukku nu ninaikiren
{If you are thinking of kicking me for this, read on - you might want to be the reason for my end ;-)}
I was at a raffles draw and the ticket number called out was 26.

Colleague 1: Are you 26?
ME: No, I'm 23!!
A SVCE friend and me were discussing about H1B Visa stamping options

SVCE Frnd: Dei, Ottawa fly thaane? (he pronounces Ottawa in a funny way)
ME: Dei, edhavadhu onnu sollu - do u want to drive or fly?
SVCE Frnd: Every bad word he knew in Tamizh, English, Hindi and other languages hitherto unknown
Am planning to get an Iphone - so a chat friend of mine asks:

Chat Frnd: hey, i-phone-ah?
ME: Illa, I is an alphabet.
This happened when AT&T Wireless used to be called Cingular. As junta in US might know, Cingular to Cingular was always free minutes. I had T-Mobile. A friend of mine in Pennsylvania had Cingular and while we were talking about everthing under the sun, he suddenly asks:

Pennsylvania Frnd: Dei nee cinuglar daane?
ME: Aamaan da... Nee eppovume singular daan. Neenga daan plural.
A friend of mine was explaing some arbit philosophy and life and all that.. And he concluded some crap philosophy by saying:

F: .... engayavadhu July ku minnadi August varuma?
ME: Varum da.. dictionary la.

I don't think any of you can take more than this - Adios! :D


Anonymous said...

Mudila man! Mudila

Rukmani Ram said...

kalakiita po..

Sridhar said...

amazing mokkais... andha pennsylvania friend naana da? i don't even remember... he he he... sorry for leaking out my own anonymity, if that was true.