Monday, July 28, 2008

How 'Desi' Are you?

Desoids a.k.a en iniya indiargale,

check out how many of the following you do and check out your Desi-ness.

1. Own a Toyota or Honda car. (Above 30, make is Lexus or Acura. Telugu speaking natives = Nissan Altima)

2. Really tight jeans. {These are called with another, particularly funny name. Ping me to find the name ;-)}

3. You 'tuck in' your Polo Shirt when wearing Jeans.

4. Your watch face faces you rather than the other way.

5. You wear sneakers with khaki trousers.

6. As soon as your apartment door is opened (Desoids who own homes, you are exempt from this), people can smell:
a. Agarbathis
b. Cooked Paruppu Smell
c. Masala smell

7. Your laptop/computer has Vigneswarar or some other arbit Hindu God as desktop background.

8. You take "Patel Pics" in front of Niagara Falls / Golden Gate Bridge.

9. You crack loud jokes for "podhu-nalan" in places of large desi congregation - Movie halls, Free sapadu sessions at temples etc.

10. Have a mustache.

11. The first thing you look for when you are visiting other "desi" dens like San Jose, Dallas, NJ are to look out directions for Tirupathi Beema's or HSB.

12. You feel that salads/subs are not filling are snacks.

13. Your car has a bumper sticker which proclaims - My Kid is a Math Genius.

14. You recharge your reliance/airtel calling cards more than once a month.

15. Webcam sessions with junta back India.

16. Still read news on or

17. Your Orkut/Facebook album has one pic of you with your 'new' car with the caption "Ma ride" or "Moi car".

18. You wear sneakers to work on the day they allocate for casual dressing.

19. You have a jar of Bru coffee in your kitchen.

20. Have your television sets covered with 'Turkey' towel.

21. Talk to a fellow unknown Indian in Hindi/telugu/tamizh or asking whether he/she knows any of these within 20 seconds of getting introduced.

22. Still multiply prices of shirts/trousers by 45 or 50 (not even considering its 40 now), especially if the shirt has a "Made In India" tag.

23. On IM for more than 12 hours a day.

24. Call NFL as a violent and no-brains game.

That's it for now. But if you find any more desoid traits, comment back. Will be glad to add them


NIRMAL said...

Mostly our beloved makkal do most of what u claim once they are done with MS or JOBBED

Loved this :)
our Orkut/Facebook album has one pic of you with your 'new' car with the caption "Ma ride" or "Moi car".

Interesting not many ppl back home put a car pic even if they buy one :)

buddy said...

lol..i plead guilty to half!

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Nirmal,
The reason why junta back home don't do it is different.

@ Buddy,

I'm guilty of 1, 11, 16, 19 and 23.


AB said...

hey i said yes to one... "honda civic" but i am more desi than most who plead guilty to all...