Thursday, July 03, 2008


People who know me always associate me with one thing, universally. My ability to hit the deep slumber zone as soon my head touches the pillow (it might as well be a couch cushion, arm-rest.. whatever). The crux is that sleep and LKS are something like vetti scene and karthik sriram - simply inseparable. So it came to me as a surprise for the past few weeks I have been feeling effects of Insomnia. I have been awake through the whole night on at least 2 occasions and surprisingly that did not/is not affecting my next day too. And the even more intriguing thing is that I don't have any of the usual reasons to worry about - no visa issues, no credit card debts, no education loan rate increases and for once, my car ain't needing any major repairs too(touch wood). People (read - my sister, who nowadays is online almost most of the daytime in India) are alarmed and suspicious as to why I'm keeping awake during daytime in India. This is specially because they know that given a choice, I would not be seen online when any of my family members are online. The last time I experienced something close to this (insomnia) was when I had this stupid subject called Power Electronics in my 5th semester which was, simply put, the most non-understandable subject in the whole of my life as a student. You had thyristors combining in myriad ways to form cycloconverters, choppers, regulators, firing circuits and delay angles which left me in such a tizzy that I was not able to sleep on the 3 days preceding that exam. Added to this was a lecturer in our college who used a book written by a certain gnani called NagoorKani - this Kani guy was really a gnani - he wrote 4 books for EEE - Machines(3rd, 4th Semesters), Machine Design(6th Sem), Control Systems (4th Sem) and Power Electronics (5th Sem) - and except for M/c and M/c design none of the other subjects were remotely related except for the fact that the medium of instruction for all of them was the same :P. And his 'gnani'-ness was further established when we found out he reused diagrams from one book to another :O. But coming back to the issue, it was evident that I was not the only distressed soul as somehow, miraculously, I aced that exam from my department!!

Apart from my Singular Case of Power Electronics, sleep has always remained a top priority till now. Any suggestions to set my disorder right? {This question is especially intended for one blogger named Ms. Blogeswari, who has been consciously avoiding commenting on my blogs}

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NIRMAL said...

Karthik Sriram,
Try this !
1) Listen to good music before you sleep
2) Try to write a diary and put down all ur fears/concerns or what u did that day or plan for tomorrow
Writing is best way to vent out of ur emotions! it will calm u off
3) Try watching some youtube comedy video's like Thillu Mullu or Lollu Saba stuffs

*Never go to pills at all

Edhuku maylaiyum thookam varalana..satyama solren edhu edho love/relationship prachana madiri irruku :)
Just kidding da

Hope u get out of it