Monday, July 21, 2008

Travel Update

Dinner @ Bayshore Town Center, WI

An upscale shopping mall - with some classy restaurants - that's Bayshore Town Center (Mall) for you. There is a Sandwich place called Potbelly where you get some kick-ass veggie sandwiches and there is an awesome Barnes and Noble store with a Starbucks which serves Original Cheesecake desserts along with coffee/chai. Decentish time-pass. For the price conscious junta, the Kohl's store and the Barnes and Nobel stores are real steals. For the vetti scene venkatachalams, there is an awesome Sunglass Hut and GAP store too, apart froma few designer stuff where you have a single dress-shirt with a 3 digit price tag.

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Anonymous said...

i expected a big post from you...put somemore pictures :)