Saturday, August 18, 2007

சீ...சீ... இந்த பழம் புளிக்கும்

Rahul Dravid has been, in my opinion, one of the weakest captains ever to lead India - He might be the steely nerved colossus when he is at the striker's end, but as a captain, Dravid is hardly a patch on Saurav Ganguly with the lead from the front attitude, who never minced words when it came to voicing his opinion. Ganguly was honest when he said he was paying back Steve Waugh with his own coin, when he made Waugh wait at the Chennai match for half an hour before the toss. Purists might frown, but Ganguly did successfully ward off Waugh's quest for the Last Frontier. Dravid, in a nutshell, lacks the toughness and aggression that is required of an international cricket captain.

Dravid in this interview with CNN-IBN has said that India has an obsession with the World Cup. Isn't this funny? If you are a competitor and don't strive for the pinnacle, people will call you a L-O-S-E-R. India might win the test series in England or even a test series down-under, but unless they win the WC, they can never be called World Champions. And as a team, if they don't have that veri to be World Champions, sorry, India and Mr. Dravid, you simply aren't up there with the Waughs, Jayasuriyas, Akrams, Pontings or even the Gangulys. Perhaps the next-gen of cricketers like Yuvraj, Karthik pick up the gauntlet and bring the trophy to India.


NIRMAL said...

I agree da
i liked Ganguly's captaincy a lot
he was arrogant to an extent esp making steve waugh wait.
Dravid is too soft da

SteveWaugh leveluku ennum enda indian captain varala..

as u put it we might win all the test series but u need to have high will power and resilience like steve waugh to get anywhere near to world cup

Jude said...

Poda dei... dravid is a good captain may be at times he sounds meek!
Dada was awesome no doubt.. but u can't take away the fact india is doing good under dravid..

WC 07 was a debacle i am not talking about that.. phew!


Sudhakar said...

Ganguly was good no doubt.but Dravid also has his own way.I feel that Winnig tendancy is essential.But u must also recognise that u will also lose and that is the game.If u always win it means that u are playing with underdogs and that is no good.If u play with equals u win some and lose some and that is normal.Which means we can never always win the world cup if we play with equals.

Deepa said...

Any Indian player, when made the captain, acts really funny. And Dravid is no exception. Andha seat ku sani.