Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Of Orkut and Kadalais

The craze of Orkut is on a high for sometime and for some old timers like me in Orkut, its getting increasingly a sickening place. You have people who are like 40 plus (obviously males) who try to strike up inane and puerile conversation with some college going girl. They have some pretext or the other - some claim that they are on Vada poda terms with some guy who is the teeny bopper sensation at that point of time (now it is Surya - for good measure they somehow make sure they have photo with Madhavan or Surya); some others claim they are music aficionados - and this takes a fork here - some of these 'sabalist' uncles claim themselves to be 'Rahmaniacs' (gaining instant rights to write those 'asattu', 'achu pichu' comments on the scrapbooks of those girls who say 'Isn't Rahman choooo cuuuuute' kinds) while a few others claim the musical high ground - carnatic music (this gives them unlimited access to those wannabe goody two-shoes girls' scrapbooks).

Once they claim this entry into the friends list of these girls, what follows is pure, unadulterated flirting. If the things said by the 'chweeeeet' uncle was repeated by any other guy who was younger, then, there would be a huge crib-fest from that girl to all similar minded girls in her friends circle and a mass chain mail will come out, calling that poor guy (after all, flirting happens to be natural at his age) everything from a sick guy to a pervert, psycho kinds.

What I can't understand is how come an innocuous "hi! Your photos look cool!" from a 20 year old (stranger) guy is worser than a 45 plus uncle (whom the girl knows for say 3 days on orkut) saying to a girl - "You are welcome to my house anytime" at - no less - 3am! Believe me, this happens. And the funny thing is that these uncles use some bombastic GRE High Frequency word list words (sample: I wish you visualize a sweet multi sequential form of idiosyncrasy occuring benevolently in the meritorious piece of cerebral brain... - this is to say sweet dreams! And these girls immediately write a testimonial - "Uncle has awesum english knowledge and its a pleasure to have him as my friend" - My (size no 13 left) foot!

These Uncles further start some communities which anybody in their right senses won't even consider clicking on. Samples of these communities are, "Surya in Munbe Vaa Song Fans community", "Asin in 3rd scene in Ghajini fans club" {and on the other hand will start seemingly intellectual communities like "Know your english", "What Krishna means in Bhagavad Geetha", where there is mass kadalai roasting. They have equally nonsensical polls in those communities - Do you consider Jo to be the right match for Surya (poor guy, I'm having to pick up Surya's name so often!) - Uncles start these polls fully knowing that all the girls will crib about Surya marrying Jo and continue from there into scrapbooks going long and deep into a flirt-fest.

These 'Sabalaist' uncles also put some photos in their orkut album with their wives, so that anyone visiting their profile should think that they are devoted husbands - will any half-way decent husband, go to orkut, right from the moment he comes home? Won't he be expected to spend some time with his wife/family? If you venture to ask these, you will be termed a pervert by these modern magaranis (ARR/SURYA likers) or the samathu singaris (the carnatic music liker kinds).

Well, I think as long as there are misguided people around, sabalists will flirt on the scrap, every scrap.

My only comment to all this nonsense is: (quoting Premji from Chennai 600028) "Enna Kodumai saaar idhu?"

Disclaimer: This article is my opinion and not directed against any particular person. The communities mention in the post are entirely fictitious to the best of my knowledge and if there is some such community in reality, then it wasn't intentional. And for the record, I don't try to scrap/message people whom I don't know and generally won't respond to scraps from unknown people.


Anonymous said...

////"You are welcome to my house anytime" ////
Ha ha.. yep.It has happened / happening to me on orkut.

GRE word - This uncle-ji has his Oxford dictionary / thesaurus with him when he is on orkut.

Karthik - Anavasyama Surya per en izhukara? Why not Ajith and Shalini?

Why that disclaimer? I know who you are talking about... ha ha ha

Ps: Anna Anna, will you add me as your orkut friend , anna? LOL

Blogeswari said...

Well written, Kathik!ROFL ROFL,asusual

Now are you jealous of the 40+ year olds? I think you are.

What's your problem if the girls go and vazhinjax with the thaathas and maamas? You want them to come and talk to you, is it? Mun anubavam of getting bulb from such cho-chweet girls?

btw, would you like to see an orkut profile of one such Mylapore thaatha-carnatic music-cum-surya liking-Hindu reading-orkutting every five minutes with only 20 year old girls?
Will be glad to send you that. Anda thaatha va public-a avamaana paduthavendamennu pakaren

Oh yes, It's time for your folks to ponn pathufy and parisam.All the best.

-Nannum unakku oru thangachee daan.. LOL :-p

ambi said...


paavam remba nonthu noodles aagi irukka polirukku? :p

sari vittu thallu shri, pallu irukaravan pakoda thingaraan. :)

*ahem, nee kooda edho oru community aramichu koovikittu irunthathaa b'wari akka solraanga? :)

ambi said...

ROTFL on lakshmi's comment.

yekka, ipdi openaa suryava paathu jolli irukka venaam. :)

athaan! pls include me in your Orkut profile. - idhu epdi irukku? :p

Bhavani said...

Ambi.. you rock as always:)

LKS, yaaru namma kalayal list la pudusu Lakshmi? Is it your thangachee? Welcome to LKS kalayal gang, Lakshmi :)

Deepa said...

LKS, porutthadhu podhum pongi ezhundhuttiye paaaaa.. Blank noise project la podalam polarkey indha kadhaya.

Deepa said...

Ambi, pallu irukkavan pakoda thingaraan is this century's best statement.LOL

ambi said...

//Ambi, pallu irukkavan pakoda thingaraan is this century's best statement//

@deepa, thanks yekka, ithukellam bnglrela room potta yosikka mudiyum? apdiye oru flowla varathu thaan. :)

NIRMAL said...

Awesome post on orkut.
Honeslty these so called sabalist uncles most of them must be fake profiles or some 23 year old faking as old guys.

Its really sad that a good friendship networking site of late is in so many bad news be it stocking..adult content...

I have heard or seen ppl creating fake profiles just to increase their fan counts..how silly is that?

so ppl come in all sizes,all shapes with al character.

i wonder what do these uncles wives (aunties) do ?

Whatever machi,as deepa puts it..
pallu irruku pakoda sapdran :)

Prabhu said...

@ deepa

pallu irukravan pakodaa thiraana?

yeah..correct...aana...indha thaathaaskku ellam remba aasai dhan...pallu ponapram koooda...pal set pottuttu illa pakoda saapdraanga... :P lol...
paatikku therinja perana vittu palla thattiduvaanga :P

anyway...ROTFL...good post dood

Sriram said...

lol. awesome post.

"pallu irukkavan pakoda thingaraan"...too good from Ambi.