Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunset Photography

I really like photographs taken in sunset twilight. I have posted a few of my pictures (with and without me in them).

Clearwater Sunset Pics
I like this photo a lot, for once I have a good smile in a photo, but thanks to my complexion, I appear as like a commando soldier with war paint all over.

I know the second one looks funny - I was looking at the sun only!

These pictures are courtesy Srinath, who uses a Canon Powershot SD400.

San Diego Sunset Pics:

This picture and the one below were taken at Sunset Cliff, San Diego (I thin that's what I remember it as). The sunset here was gorgeous except for the fact that for a guy who is Floridian, it gets cold suddenly near twilight.

Taken using my Camera, Canon Powershot SD600. All the pictures which follow are also taken using the same camera.

Sunset under the Golden Gate Bridge, SFO

The ferry service around the bridge and the Alcatraz prison is a treat for any traveller going to SFO Bay Area. The Sun creates awesome patterns when viewed from certain positions with the bridge in between as it is evident in the pic above.

The sun sets on SFO (arguably, the last of the populated city to have a sunset, excluding places like Hawaii and Alaska). Again this was shot from the ferry ride.

Sunset at Hollywood

This is the mountain with the letters H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D and nobody knows the significance. Thanks to a local desi travel guide we got to the most closest point near this sign.

This photo is the scene on the side opposite to the HOLLYWOOD sign. The color play is absolutely stunning.

Sunset in Tampa:

The place which is the closest in terms of weather to Chennai, Tampa is perennially hot.

A picture snapped near a construction site - the sight in reality was really breathtaking.

Sun on my face, this photo isn't a favorite but just to complete this blogpost with a photo with me in it! ;-)

Disclaimer: I know my photography skills are very limited. This post was to share a few sunsets which I really enjoyed and wanted you guys to know it too - my stills might have captured only 10% of the actual sight. So if you are a fellow Sunset-viewer, put Clearwater,FL/SFO/LA/SD on your travel plans! :)


Blogeswari said...

Nice pictures, Karthik. Enna ponnu paakariya? Rather pathu vechirukkiya? Who are you trying to impress with those "I am choo chweet" pics? Sollalam tappilai

Deepa said...

So enna solla vara? Nee ella states um paatthuttiya?;-)

Karthik Sriram said...

@ blogeswari,

Ponnu Paakarathukku - innum sila aandugal irukku. ANd paathu vechu irundha, naan en ipdi blog pannindu irukka porein?

@ Deepa

This is kalaai wonly. I have seen only two states in the US - CA and my homebase FL. So rendu state pottadhukke ivlo rouse ah? :O