Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ganguly - Buchanan Spat

Agreed that Buchanan is a moron who accidentally happened to coach Australia when they had the best players and so ended up with this halo of being a super-coach. The idea of multiple captains is as காக்கா an idea as any of Dr. Vijay's movies.

But why the heck does this ego-maniac Ganguly accept that his best captaincy/playing days are behind him? After being asinga-paduthified in the national team, it seems SCG is going to go through a painful mukkal monagal process through in KKR too. And those morons who are seemingly Ganguly fans point out to the fact that he won the man of the match award some 4 times in the last season - what crap? If you end up being the least dirty sock in a pile of dirty, stinky socks, does that make you any better? Seeing what Chris Gayle has managed with the oppu-kku chappu West Indies team, I cannot think of any valid reason that Gayle cannot be the captain of the KKR team - as much as I don't see a reason for Sourav Azhumoonji Ganguly to not lead that team. But honestly, being a fan of the Chennai team and not too fond of Shah Ruck "Six Yuck" Khan, perhaps, Ganguly captaining KKR might ensure that its that much more easier for Dhoni and the Chennai Pasanga.

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