Thursday, April 02, 2009

Suntrust - Please do not trust

I happen to have a credit card from my employer from this bank - Suntrust. I generally do not use my corporate card for anything, but about a month back, I had to schedule a trip to the other corner of the country from Florida on quite a short notice for work and so ended up using this CC to cover the not so cheap airfare.

Now all the expenses were made in the first week of March and this bank is one of those imbeciles who still are in an age where they send you a paper statement and you need to send a cheque and all that 20th Century stuff. And now I see that by the first week of April, even before they can send me the paper statement, these morons have charged a late fee for not honoring the payment.

Am I going cuckoo or such crappy banks still exist?

Stay away from Suntrust bank - The bank for senile and stone-age people.

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