Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Different Strokes for Different Folks

So P.Chidambaram was Bush for a day when he got a shoe thrown at him. I was reading a few articles/sound bytes given by P.C and it was interesting to note that he had said that the reservation system was to set right the evils/practices which had been prevalent for the last 3000 years - leaving the credibility of the time line or historical accuracy, why not address these 'social injustices'?

1. The mughal conquest of the Indian subcontinent
Amongst the numerous consequences of the Mughal Invasion, the primary was the spread of Islam as a religion/faith amongst the people. There was rape of women, rampant plunder of resources, systematic and forced conversion, destruction of architecture and the sanathana dharma. Amongst the numerous temples destroyed was one which had Rama in Ayodhya. Numerous sculptures were mercilessly destroyed. So if the Hindus demanded justice, would the Congress Government go ahead and exile the muslims now (who much like the brahmins of today, do not have anything to do with the massacre which was perpetuated by their forefathers?) Can temples like Srirangam or Bhadrinath levy a tax only from Muslims to compensate for their loses (as some the statues that were destroyed were perhaps Panchalogam and might be conservatively valued at a few crores today).Can Hindu men of today arbitrarily rape a muslim women (I know you'd want to hit me - but this is what the forward caste are being subjected to), and be let free? (I know that for one, the Muslims do not even follow the Indian Penal Code - when will India have a Uniform Civil Code)?

2. The English occupation of India
English who introduced Christianity (and so are forefathers of today's Indian christians) plundered the remains of what the Mughals had left and scrapped whatever we were left with - they use Sanskrit words Jabam, Sthothiram - Sanskrit is called a deva baashai and can be comfortably be owned by the Sanathana Dharma religion. So can the Ahobila Matam and Sankara matam copyright Sanskrit words and levy a royalty each time Dinakaran uses it on TV? Even a few decades back, there were forcible conversions to Christianity - so could we go ahead and levy a forefather sin tax on all christians?

All these seem totally ridiculous because they ARE - Very. But then how come this so-called Secularists (who are nothing but anti-brahmins or anti-hindus as the situation demands) justify reservation? These morons are nothing but convenient opportunists who would not think twice before forming alliances with a party and leader who were accused of killing your kith and kin.

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