Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When the going gets tough.....

I do not know what is behind the mushrooming of so many quizzes on Facebook . I was surprised to see bloody moronic quizzes such as this ! Quizzes like these are as stupid as someone telling you their அபிவாதயே and then asking you to find their சர்மா and கோத்ரம். I cannot help but quote the great actor, Mr. Prabhu Ganesan, "என்ன கொடுமை இது சரவணன்?"

I know people are getting more incentives to stay at home because of that great fear-monger CNN - but even that cannot explain the number of such idiotic quizzes coming up - one for your accent, one for what your birthday says about you? Why the heck do you need to know what your birthday tells about you? I know that I'm socially challenged, linguistically stunted,  average guy - Do I need to know that 15th of July signifies this? Hell, No!! Then there is this quiz called which 80s movies are you? If anyone is stupid enough to take it, then there is one movie I can think of without the need of any quiz - Dumb and Dumber.

And in parallel to this, another thing which I cannot understand are those Orkut statuses/Gtalk Statuses/Facebook statuses. I think these are nothing but self-publicity gadgets - I admit that I use these status to mean something sensible - especially if i'm travelling, I generally use them to signify where I'm (I have on some occasions met someone I knew through these at some arbit place) or if I'm busy, I denote that so that people won't ping me (as my work place uses messenger internally). But I see some crappy stuff such as 'I'm sick for 2 Days', 'Cough Cough' etc are blatant attempts to make people ask "Are you sick?" - bleedy attentions seekers!!!! I think I have already documented my rant against these Orkut Attention Seekers a.k.a Kadalai Mannargal. Slowly, this is catching up in other online media too - I would not be surprised one day to see makkal putting up crap like this on LinkedIn too.

Long Live the Dumbness Factor!

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whatte rant