Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Round-Up - Dec15th

1. Jab We Met is a good movie. I caught up with this movie, almost after a year since its release. I always believed Kareena Kapoor was a maida maavu case with zilch acting skills and this movie proved me wrong. Shahid Kapoor though, is like a SRK clone as much as Harman Baweja is a Hrithik clone.

2. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Kaaaaaaaa thu! Para Worsht movie. Waste of 10 Dollars. Marana reject. Even a retarded person should not see this movie. Soora mokkai. Absolutely abysmal movie. Everyone puts one number oppaari in the movie. And it is a quasi bhakthi padam - every 10th word uttered in the movie is RAB (there's one or two mentions of Khuda too). Heroine was cute, but she was also part of the the grand scheme of oppaari - so she cries every 3.5 minutes compared to Shah Rukh Khan's crying every 45 seconds. I thought Dr. Vijay was the world leader in giving moron-ic movies. Shah Rukh Khan is up there. Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan, enough of your respective nonsensical movies and coming to TV for every occasion (Naai Kuttigal Dinam - Sirappu Nigazhchigal - Naaigalin Ulagil Naan {or is it Porai - Vijay Paarvayil Naaigal}Nadigar Vijay panguperum sirappu uraiaadal - LOL). Om Shanthi Om was reject. RNBDJ is double reject. Comedy-ingara perla padam fulla mokkai - songs are good. Worth downloading. To put it in perspective, Vikram's ham-fest as ambi in Anniyan was nothing compared to Kabodhi Khan playing Surinder Sahni. Avoid at any cost. If you see emails from your local distributor/Indian grocery, mark the email as spam and go about your business. In fact I just now was talking to a friend of mine who called it Rab Ne Bana Di (Dead) Body

3. Sailing is major fun. A detailed post will follow.

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