Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December Drouble

Except for the 10 day company shutdown which happens, nothing about December is cool.

At work, people always talk about what they are going to do for their vacation or bring in something nice to eat (read cake, pies etc. which are really tough to resist with my gym plans. Each slice of cake means extra minutes on the treadmill which is.... not easy :) ). Since makkal here get vacations quite rarely, they make elaborate plans and make you privy to all their nitty gritty details of the trip. Most of the plans of Amru junta revolves around going to some exotic place - Key West, Cancun or something like that. Desi makkal either plan to go to India or visit some relative (mostly in Calif. or some other desi hub). Constant talk about plane fares and some killer deal (I do not know how long the No regrets! plan would stay available.. clicklink fast!) which they got is not cool to listen. And I'm just amazed at how many tambrahm makkal are in the US and I somehow seem to be the only guy with no living family member in this part of the world. But even if there were any family makkal, I really doubt if I'd be naive enough to go and hang out with them when I'm supposed to be having fun. But, I ended up actually having plans for a Florida Yatra with a couple of SVCE makkal - the usual punniya-sthalams like Miami, Key West, Universal -Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens are on the anvil and I have something to make the small talk with junta at work. (People who know me would vouch for the fact that I make an effort to engage in small talk with general junta - except for NHL, I follow NFL and NBA {for personal reasons} and MLB {primarily for small talk purposes}and all the usual suspects like American Idol, Office, Lost and other stuff by reading up on them online)

Related to what I was talking about pasanga going back to India, many of them are working and closer to 25 (I was admitted earlier in school as folks back home could not put up with my nonsense when I was young) and so are looking out for potential brides in tamilmatrimony and looking to getting engaged or meeting up with prospective ponnus in India when they make it there. A good friend of mine and me came to know one of our SVCE makkal was hunting for girls like aforesaid and so we decided to see what that that person had 'described' about themselves - as usual the physical characteristics like height were fudged - I somehow do not get the logic behind saying stuff like this on online matrimonial sites. The truth is going to be staring at the people's faces when the physical meeting happens and what's the point really? As policy I believe in 'under'promising and over achieving rather than 'over'promising and falling short. Also, I think people would rather love to pleasantly surprised rather than be shocked nasty. Perhaps, I'm weird and all that - but this further gives credence to my opposition to how marriages happen back home. Well, the point was that that profile kept us engaged for quite a bit and made my tuesday morning.

The only positive outlook for december, apart from my month end 'divya-desam' trip inside Fl., is that after a month of dawdling with my gym plans, I have found the motivation to hit the gym with a vengeance.

P.S: If any of the people out there know how long it would take to do the usual touristy thing in Key West, please let me know. I have never been there - largely due to my aversion to crowds - so any information on how to reach there, good places to stay and all the good stuff would be appreciated.


NIRMAL said...


Yeah that profile made us wonder about the credibilty of the information given, since i know/hv seen him.

Matrimony sites are making a good buisness but then if its arranged marriage who cares whether they found her in matrimony sites or in some community registration center!
You are right about over promising stuff.

i guess we always have similar thoughts on this right from when we left college..almost 4 years back!!:)

RukmaniRam said...

which part is the trouble part now? Have you not slept in 5 days? no?
Do you have 17 deadlines cramped into 2 days? no?

talking about holidaying and others getting married is what is bringing you down? are you for real?

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

@ Nirmal,

Already LOL daan.

@ RukmaniRam,

I do not - compared to your life, mine seems to be real cool - but to each his/her own.

And just my opinion on coursework in grad life is that for a 3 credit hour course, you typically should spend not more than 5 hours/week. If somebody does, there is something wrong with the course or that person. I agree that research is completely different, depending on your advisor.

RukmaniRam said...

Or is it the ten day holiday? and the goodies?

RukmaniRam said...

parava illiye.. comment ku reply lam panra!

LVS said...

maybe its that no one is looking for ponnus for him...hehe

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

@ RukmaniRam,

Your comments make me look like some spoilt MLA son kinds - no I'm not. And I generally reply to comments but last 2-3 weeks, orey buseeeeee.

@ LVS,

Dude, that would be the last thing I'd want happening. Than kaiye thannukudhavi. So I wouldn't want someone else to look for a girl, if at all I feel the need to get married.