Monday, December 08, 2008

Chicago - Repeatuuuuuu

(This was 4.00pm-ish today. A nice change from the perenially sunny TPA)
Chicago is the city where I'd want to settle down, if given a chance. The city has everything - good weather (good to me - I do not like anything more than 65 degrees on any day of the year), 2 good sports teams - Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears, good many things to do on weekends (if I choose to go out of my home, which is rarely).

The last time I was in the windy city, I turned 24, and kind of celebrated it by going to Aurora temple and a fantastic Indian Chinese restaurant. This time, I stay closer to ORD, which meant I had no reason to miss the trip to Devan Theru (Devon Avenue). I have heard about it being the mother of all Little India's in the US and I was not dissappointed. While Lexingapuram (Lexington Ave.) in NYC is cool as far as food goes with Chinese Mirch, Saravana Bhavan and Banana Leaf, Devan Theru is cool with the number of desi chaat places and of course, Tamizh DVD places. If you are there, check out the videos stores - Bombay Video and Star Video. I never knew that Parasakthi movie is existing in DVD form before I saw the DVD at these places. The discs are kind of pricey - but with usual beram pesudhal you can get good deals.

Also, if you are looking at a good place to stay in Chicago, consider the Hilton Garden Inn - its quite close to ORD (though I landed and am going to take off from Midway) and in case you are traveling during snow times, they have a fantastic in-house restaurant which has really tasty cow-food (veggie stuff). The seasonal fruit platter has to be seen to be believed.

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