Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Day This Age

The blog, as many of you might think, was partly inspired from the section that used to come up in The Hindu – But, it is only that - PARTLY. The other aspect which I wanted the title to reflect was the changes my thinking and that I, as a person, have undergone in the last 3 years. In my opinion, I can very confidently say that my life is basically made up to phases - Pre Fall 2005 and Post Fall 2005 - Leaving out Fall 2005 which I consider as the transition period. Though I've been in the reminiscence phase for quite some time, a phone call from one of my UG class mate, made myself feel real good.


Back in Madras I was your average guy in the engineering college – Management Quota, site adichifying and having crushes on arbit women/class, class bunking and sleeping at home and all that good stuff – my life was essentially a quest to be seen as normal / fit in the crowd and hopefully, to be a successful model of the normal crowd. So when that guy asked me about a particular X, (who, without doubt was one of the good looking makkal in SVCE) - what she was doing, she being married or not – I really had no answer – because honestly I do not know – my friend refused to believe me. And he was further tickled when I told him the following:


  1. I want to bring down my body fat percentage to ≈ 10% before June 2009 (currently its hovering close to 18)
  2. The ultimate grail – flat abs and possibly, a six pack by December 2009
  3. Try to run at least one half marathon by early next year
  4. Learn the guitar and restart my singing.


I listed out these three as my personal goals for the immediate future – and immediately the response from the other side was whether I was trying to lose weight to impress somebody? Somehow, I think I'm on a tangential to what my old classmates are currently – we have nothing in common any more. While my social circle has drastically reduced ( I meet face-to-face with maximum of 2 people – one of them being my room-mate - on a daily basis {apart from work, where I have no personal relationships} and perhaps 3-4 people with whom I regularly have phone calls/Gtalk), my UG friends are still very much into expanding theirs and maintaining their old ones.


Perhaps, I think I've got to take thalaivar's line in Sivaji in the literal sense – Singam Single-ah thaan varum!


The other reason for this blog post is to make sure that I make some kind of a public commitment to my goals listed above. I need to somehow motivate myself to wake up at 4.30 everyday hit the gym @ 5.00 and go for a 3 mile run in the evening – any ideas to make me motivated welcome!



P.S: This is the first I'm trying to post using the MS Word 2007 – the editing features are still very basic, compared to ScribeFire or even the ones available on But the best feature that I'm liking is the dictionary. J


Prithivi said...

I will tell you what keeps me motivated -- I have three people in my life -- Appa, Amma and SM (my significant other) -- constant naggers..i am sorry reminders, that ask me twice a day if i hit the GYM that day --- totally helps me !!!

Anonymous said...

if you are waking up at 4.30, wake me up too! btw, how does one find out body fat%?

AB said...

mmm... doing my 9 miler about a minute a mile faster, than my regular pace, last night has left me wondering if I SHOULD swim today... Now since i posted my schedule on my blog I am reminded and motivated by ur announcements... ;)

Rukmani Ram said...

why is there a 'J' at the end of the post?

And as for your commitments, all I can say (while munching on my double chocolate chip muffin) is good luck.

NIRMAL said...


i totally agree unless you make some sort of commitment you wont work for it!
fact that u hv put six packs i am sure u are gonna start workng out !

X,i can think of many Xs but i suppose it was someone i know ;) or rather we know :)

Life changes as u say before college after college!

Good luck with your work outs :)
Even i wish to be slim adn thin as i was in college but then ....