Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enna Kodumai Saar Idhu - 2

Tamizh natives who cannot pronounce ழ and ழு must be banned from speaking tamizh. And its interesting that people who put in an effort to pronounce La Jolla as La Hoyaa and san Jose as San Hoseyh, it just smacks of people's disregard for tamizh. They say what they do because that shows them as being knowledgeable and all that... bloody lazy bastards, I say!!!


adithya said...

definitely, san jose is much easier to say than vayya payyam.... :p

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

vaada vaa.. Unnai dhaan theditu irundhen ;-)

NIRMAL said...

Even i cant pronounce zha and la correctly but then i dont have any disrespect for tamil!
i tried my best but then sometimes i get it sometimes i dont!

San Jose pathi workla dan theriyavandhichi..
i was telling my manager San Jose,Cisco he corrected me ..Nirmal its San Hose Cisco,prononced more in mexician stylelam