Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A friend of mine who recently graduated is now in the Marriage Sandhai. He has the usual tam-brahm ad in tamil matorimony - Well placed US groom looking for modern yet traditional, good looking, fair, intelligent, god fearing, homely blah blah tam-brahm girl. He is the usual desi guy in US - he has been to the strip clubs, has had a relationship which didn't work out as his girlfriend and he got jobs in different places. His logic in trying to find a girl from India was because he wanted a ponnu with 'nalla' character - meaning no previous relationships and all that blah - his live in relationship notwithstanding.

While I was kinda irked by his hypocritical attitude, I had a convo with a SVCE junior - quite a junior - by 3 years over Gtalk. Perhaps, there is something called Karma, which might not let assholes like the one mentioned above to have their cake and eat it too.

His take on relationships and how it happens:
Junior: depends..sarakku adikara madhiri dhan..first time,thappunu thonum,panam waste nu thonum..apram nalla irrukum.
  adhey m,adhiri dhaan
 me: nalla example ellam solre
  nee committed thaanae?
  ozhunga othukko
 Junior: cha cha..i was..not now,broke up some 3 years back
11:17 PM me: en da?/
 Junior: ponnu romba romba rich da..
  brahmin ponnu vera-------------------------------------------------------Junior: well,90% of them get physical,i am not too sure if they have sex..
11:36 PM i have got physical,but somehow managed to dow ithout sex
  so,technically or on paper everyone wanst to remain a virgin
 me: ippo population anda alavukku munneriducha?
11:37 PM Junior: yeah...BF irundha smooch paniyae aaganum nu oru pudhu rule irruku..
 me: ha ha
 Junior: apram..wats the point in having a BF or a GF?
 me: ha ha - kalakreenga da.... neenga ellam engalukku junior ah irukardhu kaala kodumai! ;-)


NIRMAL said...

nemma college manatha nasam pannren avan!

enna solradhu !
ellam thala vidhi padi dan da nadakaum

kadisila paren evannuku lam oru nalla ponnu (in ur words character)

Anonymous said...

haha, i agree with nirmal. erkanave edho svce na "range" college nu nenapu...ipdi vera irundhanga na!

wondering who is that junior? :-?? naanum onnaku 3 yrs(or 2yrs?) junior dhan. 2007 passout..

Bg said...

svce manam key solreenga imagine srm manam. worse than tht. also nalla ponnu india la dhan irukangala? :P... US liyum dhan

Arjun/Srikrishnan Ganesan said...

vayasula daan unnoda junior. mathapadi avan senior nee junior ;)

Hawkeye said...

I don't get the part where it is considered hypocrisy. why?

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

@ Hawkeye,

The present trend with the Tambrahm pasanga is that when they do their MS or whatever, they hang out with sociable girls and all that.. But kalyanam nu varum pozhudhu, they want the maami kinds who have never had boyfriends, relationships etc. Adaan hypocrisy.

Hawkeye said...


adhu, i understand. In effect are you saying that if a boy with AttributeA = true prefers to marry a girl with the same AtrributeA = false - he is a hypocrite? Why?

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


Its alrite if they consider them as ATTRIBUTES. These godforsaken hypocrites consider them as VIRTUES. In para local terms, they want a fresh order of stuff while they are anything but that. I know this as they communicate as much to me over telephonic convo.

Hawkeye said...

somehow i'm unable to communicate my question in a way that you'd understand.

ithellam thappu illai LKS. In fact they are more qualified to ask for 'freash orders' than the others. so dont get caught up in all this. You and everybody else will have similar expectation that can be called as "hypocrisy". Its not.