Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday mein Wednesday

Me being Anti-Hindi is nothing new to makkal who've known me. So, its not often that I watch hindi movies. A office colleague, a Mumbaikar who has my immense respect because of two reasons: 1. He has till now never tried to talk to me in Hindi or has not asked me why I never talk to the other desi makkal in Hindi though they talk to me in Hindi 2. His taste in movies is really good - though I play the devil's advocate with him often and try to defend the Shah Rukh's and Aamir's and Hrithik's with him, his taste in films is delectable. It was he who gave me the film, A Wednesday, on my thumb drive, almost compelling me to see the movie.

I did see the movie. And boy, I think that for someone who says Kamal Haasan is a good actor and all that blah,  I have to agree that content-wise, acting wise (yeah, there is no 10 tonnes of plaster of paris and some B-Grade movie make up here) and in terms of sensibility, this movie is fantastic. That it comes with a good message is just an icing on the cake. Naseruddin Shah has firmly stated his claim to being the finest actor in the country. Its a Shankar line of film, taken in a realistic manner. Go watch it ASAP.

Coincidentally, terrorists decided to have another deepavali in New Delhi this time. While my callousness in remarking this might irk you, the Congress Government callousness and licking of the muslim vote bank must irritate you more. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Laloo Prasadh Yadav will still maintain that SIMI is an organization which is devoted to young students playing Scrabble, Gilli-danda and foosball. What more can you expect from a Government which has a lady who has no qualms in having a political alliance with a person who was supposedly behind her husband's killers, a senile sardar who, with his best years behind him, heads a PMO which sends letters granting petrol bunk licenses to T.R. Baalu's kin without him knowing, his coalition MPs try to horse trade and are caught napping and last but not least is also the official secretary to the Prime Minister De Facto, Hon'ble (the one who did not want to be an Indian Citizen), Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Come what may, Congress is committed to supporting the Aam Aadmi - the ones who are not Hindu and may sometimes involve themselves in some pyrotechnic fun which might result in a few dead people.

P.S: I heard that Mumbai Meri Jaan is fantastic as well. After A Wednesday, I think I  might want to watch it.


Prithivi said...

I haven't seen A Wednesday!!! But Mumbai meri jaan is Fantastic-- compared to --- stop I cannot compare these movies with Plaster of Paris type movies!!!

kash said...

A wednesday is a brilliant movie and can match hollywood in terms of content. But going by your description even you watcheda pirated version as me which sadly is very bad. I want you to ead my blog on my view about me watching pirated movies