Sunday, August 24, 2008


After many recommendations and rave reviews, got to see this movie. This movie is perhaps the most over rated movie this year, apart from Dasavatharam, of course! The art director has done an out of the world job - he has recreated the feel of 1975-80s - Was not born then - but then I have seen movies made then.

The acting: None required as most of the characters except the female lead sport a boochaandi beard. The heroine with her egg-eyes irritates the hell out of me by her constant, supposedly thiruttu glances.

Music: Kangal Irandal, copied from Azhagaana Rakshashiye and Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran is good while other songs are pukes. BGM - the director uses old IR tunes in places - while this is novel the first time it happens, repeated use makes me feel Mr. James Vasanthan did not have sarakku to last a whole movie.

Camera: I saw it OL and hence no idea about how good/bad it was.

Story and Direction: La Boys, the movie just shows the lead characters as carefree youth who do nothing except theru-porukaradhu. This makes me feel good for whatever happens to them in the end. Perhaps the director intended it that way.

On the whole, a very bad year for Tamizh Cinema, except for Anjaadhey.


Hawkeye said...

reetigowlai. not copy.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

@ hawkeye,

That it is reethigowlai is known. But the MD did not try anything new w.r.t instruments - It was synthesizer thro and thro. I always feel for vocals, Chinna Kannan by Dr. B.M.Krishna and the instrumentation by ARR in Azhagaana Rakshashiye to be better.