Friday, August 01, 2008

Florida in Summer

The best months to me to live in Florida is July and August. You have these lashing thunderstorms, giving driving a whole new twist. I frequently imagine myself to be connected to one Mr. Michael Schumacher - in terms of driving in the rain. While that particular gentleman, drives at speeds closer to 200mph in rains oh his Ferrari, I potter around at 60 (but considering the senile and totally useless in terms of driving skill population of Florida and in particular, Tampa,) on my old student car, I can actually get off lightly for imagining the connect.

But, driving on I-275 on (click here, here and here) with music on at 80 mph - would be the perfect way to savor in the weather but then I cannot - I have work and for godsake, and even if I could give my manager the slip, I cannot go on a drive alone - I'm silence and solitude* challenged.

*solitude - For people who know/remember/associate me with being rude, aloof and haughty, you will not get this. For the 0.000000001 percent of the Desi Population in US who know me, this will definitely make sense.

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