Monday, August 04, 2008


I discovered yesterday, the name for the condition I suffer from - I'm socio-phobic. While I can talk to/interact with 2-3 people at a time, whenever I'm in a large congregation, my brain goes kaput. Large here is typically 10. Thats perhaps the explanation for these:

1. I talk to all my UG friends now and then, but when it comes to reunions, I have rarely made it to any - including the Beachhouse "Bash" at the end of four years of SVCE.

2. As already told, large desi koottam in movie halls completely puts me off. In fact to those who come with me to the movies, my sudden mute mode is jarring.

3. I go to the temple only on days when I'm sure there will be no crowd.

4. I used to hate going to marriages/sashtiabdhapoorthi functions where there used be a really big and hardcore tam-brahm crowd.

5. Now, I do not want to visit India - one primary reason being that me and my parents cannot go through the monthly call without an argument or a fight nowadays - my naina hung up on me in the middle of an argument 2 days ago - but also because of the sea of population (mostly related to my parents) I'm obligated to visit every time I land up on that side of the world.


Rukmani said...

I don't think the Beachhouse "Bash" at the end of four years of SVCE counts as "reunion".

And oh, welcome to the secret cabal of socio-phobics. We never have meetings.

NIRMAL said...

i think 'kal' kattu poda vendiya vaisu agirchu nu ur dad thinks i guess :P