Monday, August 25, 2008

Observation - 1

Observation: I love to experiment in all things except drugs, wine, women and perhaps any food that a cow might not eat. So, it was over this weekend that I got my ears pierced, once more (the first time was when I was about a year old), to try the step one of the rock star look - ear studs. While people who haven't seen me in my BE phase are flabbergasted at my sudden deviation from the side parted hair, full sleeve shirt, khaki trousers thing, it feels fun. But while saying this, the reception from the desi junta at work has been nothing short of despicable - from shock to unsolicited advice - I'm the irritated.

Inference: The only race on the face of earth to racially stereotype itself is Indian.


Anonymous said...

Please post a pic of the pierced ear!
I think its lovely to get ears pierced and it was normal in India like 20-30 yrs for man/women...

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

@ Anon,

The ear stud is so small that a normal photo is not sufficient to show the stud. And taking a photo of my ear in close up is not something I'd do.