Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anger, Kovam, Krodh......

People who are acquaintances know me as a person who explodes with anger every 5 minutes. People who know me better will tell you, that I get angry more often than that. Only people who me really well will be able to tell you that I get angry only with people whom I choose to - and those who are granted immunity are basically those with whom I have a good mental connect or to someone I'm indebted for life.

Having said this, the last 2 or 3 weeks the only person with whom I'm angry 24X7 is myself. I find that all my present problems to be directly sourced to me and my idiocy. And the funny thing is that when you are angry at yourself, you don't have a vent out for the anger. The only way I'm punishing myself is at the gym/when I run. I run till my lungs scream for air and calf and hamstring muscles are cramped up. I do my hydraulics routine until my arms are sore and I find it hard to open my car door. But after doing all this, I still find that I have the energy left to be angry with myself. I seriously thought of quitting work and going on a around the world with a backpack thing, but that would mean me ending up in the same house with my father which will be catastrophic for him and me.

Anger Management Guru, Anyone?

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Prithivi said...

I know this seems weird but that post seems like it is out of my life--- and the funny thing is i currently am under the same roof as my appa and yeah there are times when things are near apocalypse!!!!