Saturday, December 01, 2007

Azhagiya Tamizh Magan = Azhugiya Kandraavi

First things first. For those of you who are "Vijay Rasigargal", please don't read further. Logic and Common sense aren't things for you, going by your star's latest venture.

1. For some one who says he makes movies for family audience, especially kids (with montage shots with kids in every movie), why the heck do you need Shakila in the movie? And do kids necessarily need to see a water drenched Namitha, wearing something which is for a girl half her size? "Dr." Vijay, please, for godsake, don't ever say you make clean films. Starting from you putting soap for Srividya, to making jokes about Shakila, you cater to C - grade audience. Period!

2. A guy who is advised by doctors not to travel from Mumbai to Chennai, can fight heavy duty, but can't run a short sprint?? WTF??? Does Vijay think people who see his movies are those with no IQ or intelligence? Gaping logic holes the size of Namitha are everywhere in the movie.

3. When will Dr. Vijays movie get out of the manja-pachcha colors of Ramarajan? Yellow shirt and Green trousers are okay, but Yellow colored staircase?? God Save Tamizh Makkal.

Okays - let me stop haranguing Vijay - onto the movie - or whatever you can call it.....

The story is liberally inspired majorly by previous double action movies, most notably Attagaasam. Attagaasam was by no means a good movie and when someone gets inspired from that, you know you are in for a pathetic movie and thats what you feel, at the end of the 2 and half hour nonsense called ATM.

Guru(Vijay) is a do-gooder on the lines of MGR in 1960s and shows you liberal doses of his sentiments - be it on kids, mother, father, next door dog... whatever. Abinaya (shriya) is the typical tamizh film heroine - zilch common sense, mouthing cho-chweet kinda inane dialogs. They meet and fall in love in keeping with the Tamizh Cinema Rules and Regulations. Only twist is that Guru happens to acquire ESP suddenly and after a couple of scary incidents, foresees himself killing Shriya. So he runs away from her and goes to Mumbai where he sees a replica of himself, Prasad (Vijay again, with the same hair style and shave panna blade illadha madri dhadi) and immediately realises that his ESP vision had this "bad" vijay killing Shriya. Fast Forward - Guru is hit by a lorry (we are thankful - he got what he deserved for his pig headedness) and Prasad goes to Chennai and Shriya, meets him and with no questions, takes him to her house. Prasad manages to fool everybody. Finally, Guru manages to get well and comes back to Chennai and in turn, is accused as an impostor. Things thankfully reach a crescendo and an inspired speech about "karpu" (Y-U-C-K) from Shriya (highly ironical, seeing her in the song sequences :P) Prasad turns a new leaf and all's well in the end. Somewhere in middle, you have a mini bit-song with Namitha and an included rape/sex scene.

Special Attractions:

1. Dr. Vijay's absolutely un-describable acting talent. Man, how did this guy even get so far with ZERO acting skills - the confrontation scenes between 2 vijays are highlights - for pathetic graphics and pathetic acting.

2. Its okay to try to become the next superstar - but dialogs like Naan thaan next BOSS, Paate podu (in Rajni's kannada accent) and the mottai boss mannerism affected character all reminds me of one character in Chinna thambi - "ennaku kalyanam! ennaku Kalyanam!!" kinds - I can imagine Vijay in same getup shouting "Naan daan next Rajni! Naan daan next Rajni!!!"

3. Thoroughly out-of-form ARR.

Trying to give stars to this movie is like trying to find a reason for Agarkar to be in the Indian team.

Verdict: ZERO Stars (ZERO acting + ZERO Direction)


Anonymous said...

Pakkalam,pakkalama vendamanu.Sari adutta postla pakkalam.

Anonymous said...

and 1 thing i notice is that Ajith fans are farmore concerned abt Vijay more than wat wat Vijay fans are concerned abt ajith...maybe Vijay fans thinks Ajith is not even competition for their thalapathy....

Karthik Sriram said...

To all Ilayathalavali fans, please stay off this blog! I've said as much in the beginning.


NIRMAL said...

I havent watched this movie yet
might go sometime next week,
a die hard vijay fan my team mate said the climax was pathetic,knowin that i am a thala fan he said,they tried something in lines of VAALI (climax part)but fell short a way short. Watever Vaali was a milestone movie for thala.


surabi said...

Karthik,this blog is awesome..I think ATM is one of the worshhhhhhheesssstttt movies...vijay is so stupid and all his punch dialogue sucks.I think even "vel" falls into the same category..anyways I enjoyed reading your ATM review..good job :)

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Anaonymous,

Thambi unnaku kannu theriyama pocha? (perhaps ATM la vandha manja, pacha, pink color parthu kooda irukalam) I had clearly said Attagasam was a bad movie and ATM which has been inspired from that is even more pathetic.

My point of view is instead of being an admirer/fan of Vijay, I will be a fan of Loose Mohan :P


ambi said...

//Vijay in same getup shouting "Naan daan next Rajni! Naan daan next Rajni!!!"


shreya pathi romba deepa review kudukaatha LKS aiii naangal kandikaroom. :p

Dushti said...

lol...vijay's movies have always been the no-brainer kinds. So we shouldn't really expect much ;-)

G U R U said...

The review for ATM can be summed up in three words - "Avoid This Movie" :)

I was forced to watched this movie(by some hardcore 'illayathalavali' fans) in Boston on the day of it's release. Am still having repercussions...Infact, I've been contemplating on changing my name ever since I watched that disaster.

Nice job !

Anonymous said...

comfortably moderating the replies and only allowing hte replies that you are satisfied with...wat a moron u are ....u are not even fit to write a single courageous ...fight with fire..dont get behind n hide....

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Anonymous Ilayathalavali Rasigargal,

This is my blog and you are jobless enough to read. So shut the F*** up and buzz off. I have, in all fairness, asked pricks like you who support a spineless person called Dr. Vijay to stay away.

My lessons from this blogpost:

1. Dr. Vijay's fans have selective blindness


2. Dr. Vijay's fans are pig headed, much like their favorite star.


Poojitha said...

I couldnt even stand watchng d movie..pointless script!!! pointless actors...waste of my time!!!

I said...

vijay will be next CM. there is nothing the discerning movie critic can do against it.

Karthik Sriram said...

@ I,

I annathey, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha ku ellam chance kuduthaachu. Vijay ku CM aarathuuku ella thaaguthiyum undu - vaaikoosama poi solradhu, oc adikaradhu and all that nonsense... He can as well be the frickking CM - i dont even wanna go there.... but atleast ask the a**hole to spare people like me over hyped crap-o-shito movies like ATM


Aishwarya Rao said...

Haha...My friend who watched the movie called in the middle of the night to cry and vent his anger and depression! I know what you are saying!!!