Thursday, December 20, 2007

Evano Oruvan - A review

The initial stills evoked interest. They hinted at something different and daring. And Madhavan is one of my favs. And this review - boy, did it evoke interest? I got to see the movie on an online pirated streaming version - well, I'm pretty ashamed for that, but come on, this movie didn't release in this godforsaken city on the west coast of the east coast.

Onto the story - nothing new in that - One man rising against the widespread corruption/apathy towards virtues. Indian, Anniyan, Citizen, Mudalvan and a zillion other movies have had the same base story - what differentiates EO is the protagonist. You don't have exaggerated fight sequences where the "hero" dons 10 getups or flies 25 feet to deliver a kick to 3 men joined together using ninja or some such crap. You don't have unbelievable "akramam" happening. Mostly, everything - the cause (akramam) and the effect (Madhavan's reaction) are believable and not exaggerated. The story actually scores heavily in the manner it shows Madhavan becoming a violent man and his subsequent agony - especially the scene where Madhavan talks to God, you feel his anguish pretty well. The climax particularly would surely touch a chord with one and all, who love good cinema.


Madhavan has come up with a good performance, reminding us of Anbe Sivam, Ayidha Ezhuthu days. Sangeetha, though appearing on-screen for a few minutes, has proved Pithamagan was no flash-in-the-pan. Seeman, again, is doused with reality (edhartham) and doesn't have the usual affected (midukku) mannerisms/physical personality as do Tamizh Cinema cops. Others in the cast are effective and efficient - nothing more - nothing less. Only sore point is the Councillor who overdoes on both dialog front and acting front.


Kamath has put in a good effort and has largely, delivered. The drug ring scotching was very cinematic, compared to the rest of the sequences. The opening sequence was top class and he has made the viewer understand the boredom/routine-ness of Madhavan's life. A very rare attempt, almost at par with Memento. It shows that Kamath has worked with the confidence of reworking/remaking his own successful script.


Very good frame composition with excellent close up shots - the camera-work was devoid of unwanted shakes/effects whenever Madhavan goes into a frenzy which was welcome from the usual jig the camera does whenever the hero goes hyper in many films.

Music and BGM:

Compared to Dir, cast and DoP, BGM is not as effective - with silence dominating in many scenes. The song at the end credits is also not anything to write home about. On the other hand though, the silence works in most of the scenes in connecting to the thoughts of the actors on screen.


Editing, majorly is good - a few scenes could have been cut/trimmed, especially in the second half.


Madhavan has penned the dialogs and has acquitted himself well for a debudant - but at certain places, the intended punch doesn't come through - especially in the talk-to-the-god scene and the place where the old woman chastises Madhavan at the hospital.


The movie is one of those rare attempts at good and meaningful cinema, but could have better - mainly due to the deja vu from previous masala vigilante movies and partly because of toned down dialogues / underplayed scenes.

Stars - 4/5

0 - Horrible/Pathetic
1 - Bad
2 - Okay
3 - Good
4 - Excellent
5 - Amazing

Coming up: Reviews for Kalloori, Billa and Katradhu Tamizh.


Deepa said...

Link anuppu please.

Suvarotti said...

Nice one LKS :) Followed the KISS rule properly ! Though i would have liked you to have elaborated on certain aspects like Madhavan's performance ( deserved some praises ) , Nishikanth's spurts of intelligent direction ( opening scene about the mundane life and the reciting of the letter to god scene ) etc etc

Sudhakar said...

Nice review.

ambi said...

Sun tvla vara antha 6 feet chair and coat mattum missing. yappa, ennamaa review kudukara! :)

nice one LKS. katrathu thamizhku inime thaan reviewvaa? enna karthi? sema thookamaa? :p

@suvarotti, adhu ennanga KISS rule? naangalum therinjukaroom. :)

Filarial said...

the movie was powerful nodoubt .. but i cant understand if tht filmake is stealing a story so blatantly why dosnt he say so.. the minute madhavan picked up the cricket bat it struk me i had seen this movie something like 10 years ago..
Michael Douglous gave a briliant performace then.. what was interesting to me is that a story such as that is cross cultural and probabaly can be enacted in any big populated city of the world - developed or undereveloped..

Aishwarya Rao said...

I loved the movie too...I thought the first coupla shots were tight and fantastic. Reminded me of Requiem for a dream. A thorough and neat attempt by the director. Very very realistic.

Sridhar said...

Nice review man. Movie was terrific.