Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year - 2008

Wishing all readers a Very Happy New Year 2008 - Hope you guys have a blast.

My pick of Movies this year

1. Chennai 600028
2. Paruthiveeran
3. Mozhi
4. Polladhavan
5. Billa
6. Sivaji (makes it only bcoz of Superstar)
7. Katradhu Thamizh
8. Kalloori
9. Evano Oruvan
10. Periyar

The films are in no particular order... the number is just to keep track of 10....

Best Songs:

1. Vaaji Vaaji

2. Athiradee

3. Jalsa Pannunganda

4. Saroja Saaman Nikalo

5. Kaatrin Mozhi

6. My Name is Billa

7. Engeyum Eppodhum

8. Madhuraaikku Pogadhadi

9. VIzhiyil Un Vizhiyil

10. Unnale Unnale - June Pona and Unnale Unnale

Again, the order doesn't signify anything.

Super Scenes/Visuals

To be updated later....

Have a great new year, once more.


Deepak said...

Excellent work dude .... though i dont completely agree with your list of movies that u have at the top ...
its still gud work ... i luvd it !!

Deepa said...

Nice idea. I haven't watched mozhi but I am sold after watching that scene.

Dushti said...

Happy new year to you too :-)

Rose said...

I agree most of your song and scene selection! Chennai 28 was like standing outside the tea kadai and discussing my friend's lives! Engeyum Epothum remix made Ponmagal vanthal seem really lame.. That uber-cool look was too much to carry for both Vijay and Shriya, who btw, looks very weird in ATM :)

Just one addition to the scenes, the "kavidhai" he tells her still cracks me up everytime I see it!

ambi said...

adhu enna pa neraya shreya scenesaa irukku? :p
sari, naan onnum kandukalai. :)

Inoruvan said...

Good List But Cant Agree With u in the Tracks Like:

Vaaji Vaaji

Saroja Saaman Nikalo

Surprisingly i cant able to find out the My Most Favt.Paravaiyae Engu Irukiraai Track(Thamizh M.A)Why u aren't impressed With that?

Sumant said...

my top 10 movies would match your top 10 ditto..good to see kallori there I hate it when people put that movie down.

Anonymous said...

Good work.

Sridhar said...

Movies that really took it forward were Kalloori, Mozhi, Tamil MA, Paruthi Veeran. Periyar was an attempt lacking in performance. Satham Podathe was also really appreciable. All other movies are all Masala ones.