Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Takkunu oru Tale - 1

Sriram quickened his pace - just to make sure he didn't miss Lakshmi at the temple. He had a fascination for Lakshmi since the first day he had seen her, 5 years ago. With the passage of time, he had come to like her more and more. The only reason for him not trying to meet Lakshmi was Ramappa who accompanied her to the temple everyday. Ramappa looked tough, with stern eyes, an imposing height and above all, a hirsute which made Sriram wary of approaching Lakshmi. Everyday when Lakshmi and Ramappa passed their house en route the temple, Sriram would be on the terrace, lost in the elegance of Lakshmi's gait. He was taken in by her ornaments and wondered how long would it have taken to set her up like that for someone. Of particular attraction to Sriram was her ears - he felt they were rather cute and desperately wanted to have a closer look at them. This had happened for years and yesterday when Sriram was talking about this to his friend Srinivas, Srinivas had revealed to him that Ramappa was a very nice - the chummy kinds - and was very nice person if you approached him with your parents. This seemed strange to Sriram, but anyways asked his mother to accompany him to the temple the next day to meet Lakshmi. It didn't help that amma was busy in the kitchen all day long and finally when she came out after her evening bath and lighting the lamp for the gods, Sriram was almost crying out of impatience.

And so, there he was, running with his mother with what he had to give to Lakshmi clutched in his hand. And at last, he saw her - right outside the temple, at the flower-seller, where Ramappa was in deep conversation with the flower-seller. Lakshmi was there, and Sriram's heart skipped a beat as he went closer and closer. Would he be brave enough to do what he wanted to do? Or will his courage give up at the last moment? He couldn't help notice that her ears looked all the more attractive from closer-up. Finally he was there, standing right behind Lakshmi and Amma said to Ramappa "En pa, Kuzhandhai yaanaiku vazhapazham kudukka aasai padaraan, konjam yaanai-a vangikka sollu" (for the tamizh challenged, it means "this kid wants to offer a plantain to the elephant, please ask the elephant to accept it")


NIRMAL said...

i imagined a cute babe like Vedhika with some nice ear rings when i read EARS

cha cha kadisila enna twist da [:)]
Enjoyed it totally

Next time when i read ur short story i will be careful so that i can predict your twist :)

Blogeswari said...

That was a nice one, Shri :)
Seri enakku mattum sollu... this is your story , yaanai = ahem ahem.. correct-a? kovil, lakshmi, R-ammappa, Amma... ella connection-um correcta varradu.. adan ketten

PS: Comment-a delete panna, konnuduven

Karthik Sriram said...

Indha kadhaikkum ennakum irukra orey link ennoda per - Sriram - adai thavira, Lakshmi is the name of my car... vera enda link/sambandham illai.



Dushti said...

I knew this was coming ;-)

Raz said...

ha ha! :) nice one! i thot it was a baby ana yaanai :) nalla imagination.

G U R U said...

Good one dude. Summa super climax ma :) Enjoyed reading your blog..