Monday, October 15, 2007

Minnale Quiz

For Minnale Maniacs like me....

1.Collegla, Maddy ku evlo arrears?

2. "You know what I'm capable of" - Who says this?

3. In the last college scene, which color jacket does Maddy wear?

4. Maddy in office in chennai - "We're now going to consider _____ and ______ setup menu.". Fill in the blanks.

5. What is Reema Sen's "out of focus" friend's name?

6. Madhavan bike dome mela irukra sticker number enna?

7. Vivek lorry joke - lorry number enna?

8. What is Reema sen's veetu phone number? From that, vivek tells the house is at _______ road.

9. After Iruvizhi Unadhu song, what soup do Abbas and Reema Sen have at the restaurant?

10. When Maddy send flowers to Reema Sen, who is the second delivery guy? (Very easy one)

11. "Bon Apetite" - when does this dialog come?

As usual mail answers to karthik[dot]sriram[at]yahoo[dot]com

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Dushti said...

Inda quiz konjam too much aa iruku ;-)
How abt answers for the previous one?

Dugi said...

ungalluku evalavu free time'aa?

Me said...

unnaku minnalae kum enna appadi oru sambandham..??

NIRMAL said...

Wow very impressive questions.
Sadly i cant remember most of the answers

Good one!
I am going to use ur qstns in Minnale Community :P

Deepa said...

Me, ivan Madhavan nu nenacchittu irukkan, kadaseela Abbas nu teriyara annikki, he'll hopefully stop talking about Minnale. Ellam vayasu kolaaru.....