Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lessons from the India - Australia Future cup....

1. India can lose a ODI in series without Agarkar too.

2. 20-20 was one flash in the pan. Indian middle order consisting of Yuvaraj, Dhoni and Uthappa can't hold a candle to the Symonds - Haddin - Clarke juggernaut.

3. தாத்தா Tendulkar, who in recent times, walks with his bat as a walking stick, still proved to be miles ahead of guys like YS, MSD and others when it came to putting mind over matter.

4. Sreeshanth [see this video] is undoubtedly the Vijaya T. Rajendar of the Indian team. He has talent, no doubt, but his பேச்சு is too much. And it seems he is paying Aussies in their own coin it seems - B.S! - Aussies talk and then they match it up with superlative performances - here Sreeshanth rarely manages to get one of the six balls of his one over spells on the stumps and even when he does manage that with superhuman effort, it is a half volley and is blasted to the cow corner. To top it all, he dropped Symond's catch, who for enduring all of Sreeshanth's rants and riles, gifted Sreeshanth with a match-winning century, making Sreeshanth the real man of the match - for dropping the catch.

5. Dravid, poor guy - what a fall for the wall! (TR effect seems to have rubbed off on me too ) . He is still Mr. Consistent - in scoring single digit scores. He was much better off as the captain!

6. Harbhajan Singh is one impostor. On the same wicket where Kartik takes 6 wickets, Harbhajan gets scored off at 4.5 rpo. More than being Kumble's successor, I think Harbhajan is more of Vekatapathy Raju's successor - in taking wickets in some godforsaken match against 2nd standard students and then living in that glory for a couple of years.

7. Dada is a SODHA - as shown in the game where he scored 86. He was living off Tendulkar when தாத்தா was there in the middle and after தாத்தா got out, Sodha wasn't able to force the pace and his running between the wickets could rather be called 'not-running' between the wickets. The final margin of defeat - 18 runs - could be very well attributed to sodha.

8. Greg Chappell is a P.S Veerappa for Indian Cricket. His decision to drop தாத்தா down the order, in retrospective, seems to the be the most villainous act in Indian entertainment industry in recent times, competing with Kareena Kapoor giving Shahid Kapoor the biscuit (mama biscothu!).

9. Sharad Pawar has the power of invisibility - the guy who was in the middle of the winning team in the T-20 tournament, was nowhere to be seen in the 7th ODI in Mumbai, his operational base.

10. Agarkar must be worried man, what with Sreeshanth, Powar and some others trying to his claim his rightful place of match-winner. His terms and rates with teams with Aus, SA, Pak are falling as these teams have found the afore mentioned guys to be much economical match-winners.


NIRMAL said...

Yeah I agree to most of your views.

Words from a true cricket lover.

First glimpse of this post made me think you are going to write abt some match review but the way u put your thoughts is nice and liked this style of writing.

Sreesath needs to be corrected.
i think he is confused with the meaning of agression. Ppl like glen mcgrath who show agression by talking or pulling up their collar do it when have acheived so much in cricket. Sreesant is a kid..he needs a good teacher to be thought how to behave on field.
Sometimes what he does makes u feel he is really stupid.
I never think Walsh sweared at batsmen to get wickets but still he is great bowler.
Sreesant seems to be a comedian in our cricket team

Well said,Agarkar has been given far too many chances in his life to be in Indian team.

Yeah you cant trust girls (kareena) jus joking same you cant expect TEAM INDIA nor the media to be consistent

One day they are made to look like gods another day they are made to look like dogs.


ambi said...


//competing with Kareena Kapoor giving Shahid Kapoor the biscuit (mama biscothu!).

ha haaaa :)

yeeh, agarkar position need to be reviewed. sresanth, bachaaa shud learn lesson. :)

Deepa said...

I condemn, express kandanam, totally resent the way you refer to Sachin. Where can I buy your effigy?

ambi said...

//Where can I buy your effigy?
@deepa akka, where else..? only at Orkut. :p

Deepa said...

Ambi enna pa akka nu ellam koopdara? Pullarikkings and Aanandha kanneer.....