Friday, October 05, 2007

Memorable Songs in Tamizh Cinema - Song 1

Songs, whether they come from the Mozart from Madras ARR or the Maestro IR, make an impact on people only if they are backed up by superb picturisation - especially in these times where the TV channels rule the viewership charts. There have been some songs which have really helped a good song become super duper hits.

I want to pen down some of my favorite songs, which I would love to watch any day.

The songs are discussed in no particular order.

Pachai Nirame

A real ever'green' song if I can say so. Superb locations, amazing camera angles, extraordinary music (this maybe one amongst Hariharan's best 5) and simple yet effective choreography makes this one my favorite song. The fact that Alaipayuthey is one of my most favorite movies might have also played a part in making this song special. Also, the chemistry between Madhavan and Shalini really makes this song good. There are lots of songs which are those cloyingly sweet/saccharine kinds (where the hero and heroine act like two 'cho chweet' kinds which make me puke on the song - a very recent song, with super duper music from ARR, vocals from Shreya Ghoshal was an utter letdown in the video with totally no chemistry between the hero and his love interest - and they had pathetic locations too!) which put me off, but here the song reflects the situation in the movie - Madhavan tries to flirt with Shalini and gets a 'bulb', but as is the case with lovelorn guys, manages to see a positive that Shalini has smiled at him - the song starts here. It was a very good ploy to have the male only vocals as it makes it slightly believable (after all, its the usual dream song) - making us see the song as a manifestation of Madhavan's mood and happiness. The lyrics are very catchy too - with the standard of tamizh film lyrics going so low as to have water packet and the like in them, this song has much better lyrics - in fact, this is one song which I can sing in public without having to muzhungufy (mute out) some words in the middle.

The cinematography and choreography is really the biggest factors in making this song click - locations which are picture perfect, awesome natural lighting effects - Sriram, take a bow!! The way the colors have been integrated is also innovative - the milaga being dried, the yellow sheet in the rain - wow! And Farah Khan, shows her class by not having some cheap and vulgar actions/dance steps, manages to show the chemistry between the actors in a splendid manner.

Some Stills from the song:

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Blogeswari said...

My favourite song is 'Iyengaaru veetu azhage' from Anniyan. Apt verses, lovely picturization.. Hariharan and Harini pinniruppanga.. paatula paatula.. ofcourse HJ's music.

Director Shankar brought in the stalwarts of Carnatic music - Seshagopalan (ahem), Sudha Raghunathan (ahem ahem), M S Anantharaman and filmed them for an intro to this song.

Could you mail me the download link for IYENGAARU VEETU AZHAGE song?
It is one number situation song for my brother

ambi said...

yeeh, i too love this song very much. esp the lyrics: kadhalukku niramundu, wow! awsome.

//Madhavan tries to flirt with Shalini and gets a 'bulb', but as is the case with lovelorn guys, manages to see a positive that Shalini has smiled at him //

*ahem, y don't we replace madhavan with LKS and shalini with jamila here..? :p

@b'wari yekka, am i rite yekka? :))

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Ambi,

Ada paavi! Ada Paavi!! Naan innum indha madri oru ponnu kittendhu bulb mattum thaan vangala.... nee ippo vaai vechutiye! :(

@ Blogeswari,

To each his/her own. I dont like that song that much - Though Sada looks non-saadha (thanks to Shankar), vikram is too thayir sadham in that song-u - for listening, yeah the song is worth it! Hariharan as usual in form!

Deepa said...

I like Harini too... the singer. Telephone mani pol is one of my fav. songs. Shankar does a great job in picturisation usually. Azhagaana rakshasiye is anotehr example.

NIRMAL said...

If i connect all the three above comments i find something very fishy :P
Nways not to be discussed in public forum

Yeah you are right Munbe Va one of the recent super hit romantic duet,i agree to you the chem btw is Surya and Bhoomika doesnt work out that well and the dresses colors not et all good. :( but if u listen in a musci player it just calms you down such is the music.

Yeah Pachai nerame comes out in the right time in the movie and who directed the movie , Mani,so you can expect such masterpiece from him


Karthik Sriram said...

@ deepa,

Telephone mani pol siricha - i really can't control my laughter when I think someone laughing like that....

@ nirmal,

Dei edho naan kalla kadathal panra madri pesare.... naan edo naan undu en velai undu nu irukein....


ambi said...

@nirmal, LKS vaazhkai oru thorantha puthagam maathiri! so dhairiyama thuppitu ponga!

helpuku naanga(me and b'wari yekka) irukkomm! :p

//Dei edho naan kalla kadathal panra madri pesare.... naan edo naan undu en velai undu nu irukein....//
@LKS, yessssss, the cat is out of the bag! :) or daddy not inside the kudhir..? :p

Pri said...

i agree. the song is like a painting.

Dugi said...

It's the first song Michael learnt and sang on stage for me.
I love the video. It's beautiful.
The hindi version wasn't nearly as good.