Thursday, September 06, 2007

Whats it with blogs and spelling mistakes?

Well, I'm not one of those walking talking Shakespeare kinds, but still, the number of spelling and grammatical mistakes in my blog shames me beyond no end. Perhaps, its my 'by-now' famous impatient, frenzied typing style which causes it or my long time hatred to read and revise what I've written (this started when I was in standard 4 and upon revising my social studies answer paper, I realised I had majorly screwed up my numbering in the 'map' question..... from then on, it was the classic Annamalai dialog "Indha naal un calender la kuricho vechukko LKS - inime answer paper revise panninena, un seruppaliye unnai adichuko" kinds.) And you people have been nice enough never to comment on my mistakes :)



Deepa said...

oh apdiya? Naan un englipees week nenacchen.;-)

Aishwarya Rao said...

From what you say looks like I must be weak in english that I couldnt figure those spellos!

Dushti said...

Adan spell check nu onnu iruke ! I wish there were spell checks in YMs too. I make such awful typos during chats !

NIRMAL said...

Probably u can to a F7 in word doc where u type ur blog :)

it helps :)

Sudhakar said...

I gt al my spillings (oops spellings ) wright!!! .Don't u.try had.(i think it should be hard)

Satman said...

read ur blog as if it were mine.. u will find the mistakes... trust me!

Karthik Sriram said...

@ Deepa and Aishwarya,

Ennai ottalena, ungalukku thookam varadha?

@ Dushti,

Spelling mistakes are allowed in YM according LKS book of Internet Kadalai Laws! :P

@ Nirmal,

Thanks machi for the suggestion.

@ Sudhakar,

sooper! i hupe I kan bee ass gud ass you arre.

@ Satman,

I've heard of this before - perhaps will do that.