Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Favorite blogs

Was cleaning up my Google reader and the only folder I didn't touch was my favorites. Just thought I could share my list of favs, so here goes (in alphabetical order):

1. Aishwarya.Rao

My school friend during my Primary - Middle school years - a old time family friend to my mother, this lady has an amazing sense of humor and wit. A B-School student now, finds networking sites to be notworking!

2. Ammanchi

SatyaRaj follower - as in, Lollu Unlimited. Keeps coming up with funny lines and nakkals. But kadavul kept nalla aapu with one poori kattai kayil edukkum pondaati - so Mr. Ambi is Veetile Eli, Velile Puli.

3. Balaji's Thots

This guy is 100% substance - a superb movie critic, this guy puts in a lot of effort to see all movies - ranging from the best of the best Kamal Rajni movies to horrible almost B-Grade movies and write reviews too.

4. Blogeswari

Perhaps, my best friend online - she is up there in terms of Nakkal, Nayyandi and humor. We share a lot of interests - Rajni Kanth, Tam Movies and music, our hates (fraud jaathi and the like ;-)). An Ad-world ka Baadshah, on the path to becoming an Ad film director (one chance for me with Shriya, Please!). Her other blog is also on my fav list for its super duper nakkal of some our common pet peeves.


Friend from SVCE, who I knew as Chimbu when we were at SVCE. Came to know more about him through Orkut and Gtalk. We also share a lot of likes and the most uncommonest of our common likes is MINNALE - we both know every dialog, every scene, every costume in this movie. Is a tamizh movie freak too and I really felt bad when I couldn't meet him in person when I'd been to India this april.

6. filthy, funny, flawed, gorgeous

Like rathathin rathame, Ammani is Akka-vin Akka kinda. One helluva writer and has a sense of humor which appeals to me.


A senior from SVCE - he updates his blog as often as India wins a 20-20 match (or make that Sachin hitting a century and India winning - does that happen? ;-)). He is a weight loss guru and a very good friend from my days of bus route no. 31.


Well, who doesn't read this guy? The most popular tam-blogger I know of....

9. Lightning Strikes Everyday

Hawkeye - Perhaps the only blog I've been reading since September 2005 kinds - has a super duper layout to access old posts. His sense of humor in one word is Awesome and perhaps, is one person whose style grows on you a lot. Claims to be in Ross School Michigan, but you will find him talking about every other place other than Ann Arbor.

10. oLiyile

An extremely honest movie critic and extremely knowledge-able bloke too.

11. Ouch My Toe!

A very humorous guy - he needs no introduction!

12. Teesu is talking....

A frank and off the cuff blogger - very caustic on people/things which irritate her. Well, I don't want to be the topic of one of her posts, god-willing!


Blogeswari said...

Nandri karthik anna avargale

Balaji said...

Wow, I'm in really good company on that list. Thanks :)

Deepa said...

mavaney, naan kammiya dhuddu kudutthen nu enna deal la vittuttiye!;-)

NIRMAL said...

hey LKS,
Thanks da :)
Btw Chimbu?
damage da :)

ITS JUST NOT MINNALE be it ajit,federer,madhavan,steve waugh,rajini,

i always get a feel what i like u hv a high chance of liking the same :)

i dint pay him anything :)

Karthik Sriram said...

@ B'wari

Irukkattum Akka!

@ Balaji,

You are bound to be - your reviewing is really good!

@ Deepa,

Neenga thaan edho recipe ellam tharen nu sollitu emathitele?? adhaan!

@ Nirmal
Chimbu - Arasiyal idhellam sagajamappa.

Teesu said...

Hi. Nope, did NOT take it amiss. You are very much entitled to your opinion and anyway am flattered I feature on your list!But I hate caustic tongues...which is why I make my FINGERS caustic -- typing away furiously on my blog:)

Sudhakar said...

Good introductions

ambi said...

pugazhra maathiri naisaa nalla vaari irukka polirukke. parravayilla, :p

Hawkeye said...

nandri ba!

thanks for the mention