Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Matinee

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I got a DVD with a combo of, well hold your breath, Thalapathy and Nayagan! Well, that's a set of movies for which I wouldn't mind giving away two tickets to the US of A from Timbuktu :)

Anyways, got around to watching Thalapathy today and to put Rajni Kanth's performance in one word - Fantastic! I've always maintained that for an intense and underplayed role, any day, I would choose Rajni over Kamal. In this movie, Rajni, sans any of his usual 'style', comes as another slum dweller - he in fact, comes throughout the movie in some 3 - 4 shirts only. Full credit to the Magician from Madras, Mani Ratnam in making Rajni play a character which was right up to his strengths. And Santosh Sivan's amazing camera work - Since this movie has a Mahabharathaic origin, each shot has the Sun in it and the interplay of shadows reflects the moods and feelings of the characters in the scene - simply super shot composition and execution. I don't know how this movie was shot - with such accurate lighting effects and effects, I think they couldn't have more than a scene a day.... I simply loved watching this movie, for perhaps the 85th time. Also the still shown above is a rare one - but my personal favorite.

Lots of people like some other songs from this movie, but my favorite in terms of visualization and song is this ( I wish Shobana had also shown a glimpse of her dance skills - I generally don't see Bharathanatyam, but Shobana is one who really makes me see the art form):


Deepa said...

Kattukkuil is one song I can seee/hear over and over again. Nayagan...enna solli naan ezhudha.. awesome movie. Onnu ila naalu vaangarom, teriliye pa are the punch dialogues served kamal style. That mani ratnam doesn't exist anymore.

NIRMAL said...

What ?
You dont like Bharatnatyam ?

Man,change yr mind before someone changes them :)


Karthik Sriram said...

@ Deepa,

Kamal fan nu sollikare, but dialog is
"Onnu illa, ANCHU vangarom! Ezhaigalukku dhaan odum - panakaarangalukku odathu"

and I also like the "Seth Kamnaati" dialog kamal has with his daugther - IMO, the confrontation between Kamal and his daugther are one the best scenes in the movie.

@ Nirmal

Aaamam pa, naanga ketta kedukku Shriya Saran vandhu bharathanatyam aadi enagaloda mind ah maatha pora......

Neha Nair said...

I can't blame you for not liking something you have not wanted to discover-Bharatnatyam. I used to ahte it initially when my mom used to send me fr those classes. Gradually when i started winning prizes..I was surprised how i starting loving the art form. As of Rajnikant.. he IS an amazing actor. But high time he quit acting as the hero.