Saturday, September 15, 2007

Minnale Magic

If there was any Minnale maniac, Minnale freak, Minnale addict - whatever you want to call it - it is me and perhaps, this guy. This was one movie which has never bored me from the first time I watched in the summer of 2001 till date. I still laugh at Vivek saying "ennaku IG-ah theriyum" or still sing along with Azhagiya Theeye.

There ain't nothing big in the story or acting, but I guess the scenes in itself lend to endear the film - the scene at the restuarant ("I looove chicken!"), Maddy - Abbas confrontation scenes in the first 20 minutes of the movie, Azhagiya Theeye song (This is the first song I listen to in day from my MP3 player), Vivek comedies (the one at the kai-kari kadai - LOL), the last scene - overall a simple movie which has become a part of me. The BGM and music from Harris Jayaraj were pretty good and barring Kakha Kakha, Harris jayaraj hasn't been able to match up to his Minnale.
Some super duper favorite scenes in Minnale:

P.S: I Know at least one blog-friend who is going to hate this post - he he!


Blogeswari said...

Karthik, naa edukku kovappadanum.. nee Minnale mood la irukka.. mmm nee Maddy , ava Reema Sen.. Abbas yaaru? Ennoda Minnale script padi Abbas marries Reema giving Maddy the bulb!

C'mon Tampa Abbas!

Jayashree said...
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Jayashree said...

Hey I have also been a loyal fan to Minnale...Never get bored watching the movie...especially the scene in which Maddy tries to explain his state..seeking apology to reema sen in her office...I just love this movie!!!!

Jayashree said...

I have also been a fan of this movie since its release...never get bored to watch this...harris music is excellent...The scenes rock...esp,when maddy tries to explain his state seeking apology to reema at her office...!!!

Karthik Sriram said...


Ennai vena vechu Sivaji edu - Shriya va heroine ah podu - Naanum edo konjam style kaatuven.... Shriya oda kadalai potta madriyum irukkum.


Deepa said...

Nee Abbas a irukka pora. Paatthu thambi. Minnale is for Madhavan. But sadly, that movie is another proof for my post

Karthik Sriram said...


B'waari eh vendha punn la velai paaicharanga na, neenga vera en ipdi? I just told ennaku minnale pidikkum nu - Naan maddy nu sollave illaiye?? :(


NIRMAL said...

Wow a post on Minnale et i am late :)

this movie has been such kinda movie which turns u on and makes u very happy.

i might never match u in the number of times i hv seen this movie.

If there was something very special that happened in my life all over 23 years was when they played minnale on 29th dec on raj tv,it was my bday such a fantastic coincidence.

Its a Magic that has to be felt from heart.
My post on Minnale happened on Minnale day last year

Thanks for link :)