Friday, November 30, 2007

Tagged - Once more

Nirmal has tagged me, yet again. So here goes...

Inside my wallet I find....

10 Dollars in 1 dollar denominations

750 Rupees, which I forgot to give my dad when I was leaving India

State of Florida Drivers License

CCs from Citibank, Chase and Discover

Debit Card for my checking account

Starbucks Card with no balance worth mentioning

USF Student ID card

Some pics of Vishnu and Hanuman

Arbit bills from Taco Bell, Subway, Chipotle and Publix

2 Euro coins

United Airlines FF card

Frequent Eater discount cards from Pita's Republic and Jimmy Johns

Business Cards of people at Baxter, USF, sleazy car dealers and some toyota dealers

I pass the tag to any one interested in completing it - go ahead use the comments section.

P.S: I don't believe in carrying parents'/sister's fotographs and other sentimental stuff in my wallet.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Polladhavan Review

In continuum with my previous post, this movie really impressed me - in spite of having Dhanush in it and also the fact that I saw it in a crappy streamed format online.

The story is pretty similar to bicycle thief and deals about Dhanush's irresponsible life, his quest to get a Pulsar and the happenings thereon. Dhanush pretty much manages to be convincing as the wastrel guy - I think he has played this role once too often and even then, manages to make you take notice. His acting notwithstanding, there are certain aspects to his dialog delivery and facial expressions which Dhanush needs to avoid. His performance really stands out in the scene he revolts against his father. The comedy sequences work almost most of the times - except for some mokkais from Karunas. Dhanush has also made an effort to improve his physique and in the climax fight, his physique adds some credence to the fight (I generally believe fights shouldn't be more than 2 or 3 punches long). I really like Dhanush for trying to choose stories intelligently (thiruvilayadal arambam, Polladhavan kinds). Its definitely good that he has come out of the Sullan - Parattai engira azhagu kinda nonsensical scripts. Not everyone can fit all roles. So if Dhanush can make himself a niche hero, good for him.

The love track is a total spoiler and the movie could have been much tauter without it - and the heroine's only capability seems to be able to do some on-edge-of-vulgarity dance steps in the songs - zilch emoting and non-existent good looks - it seems to be a good decision by Gautam to drop her from Varanam Ayiram.

Amongst other performances, Daniel Balaji (this guy always comes as a drug addict on screen and plays it pretty convincingly too) and Murali (Dhanush's dad) are good. Bhanupriya comes in a role tailor made for Saranya (roles whose only selavu is 25 litres of glyrcerine). The other small characters like Santhanam, Dhanush's sister are easy and are not the usually over-the-top characters that we are used to. A bow to the director for sticking to believable characterizations.

What's this new trend of Tamizh movie villains talking tamizh in a contorted accent? His tamizh pronounciation itself warrants the horrible death he dies in the movie.

Songs from G.V. Prakash Kumar, who had superb outings in Kireedam and Veyyil has dissappointed and generally, the songs itself are speed-breakers in this movie - the most irritating being the item number - I seriously don't know why this item number was placed there - the song, dance and the "item" girl sucked big time.

On the whole, this movie is good enough to be seen once - and perhaps is Tamizh Cinema's answer to the Six Pack Khan.

Rating - 3/5

0 - Horrible/Pathetic
1 - Bad
2 - Okay
3 - Good
4 - Excellent
5 - Amazing


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Friday, November 23, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Diwali Movies Ratings

1. ATM - Pathetic screenplay - Namitha is a big turn off - no big story and very, very predictable.

2. Vel - Usual Hari stuff - replete with Sickles and adi-aals. Only saving feature is Surya.

3. Polladavan - TC's answer to six pack khan - Dhanush has chosen a script which suits him - much like Thiruvilayadal Arambam. Non-linear narration helps.

4. Kannamoochi Yenada - Very predictable and Prithviraj sooper dooper over-acting with Iyer baashai.

5. Machakaran - couldn't bear to see more than 20 mins - avoid in any form.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random facts about me

I had this in my orkut profile in the about me section - but due to popular complaints that my profile had to be scrolled, I linkified it to this post.

I write short stories.
I listen to ARR the most.
I'm 184cm tall.
I hate the color of gold.
I'm romantically-challenged.
I used to be a bike freak - road stunts included.
I'm a movie freak - tamil (predominantly) and english.
Sachin was my favorite. Ponting is the current flavor and I think its gonna stay.
I have stopped seeing/following cricket after 23rd March.
I'm a tamil movie PhD.
I'd love to own the Infiniti.
I live at Tampa.
I'm a Rajni Kanth fanatic.
I love to read.
I was once very scared that I wouldn't pass my 12th standard chemistry exam.
I have weird dreams which keep repeating.
I talk 10 words a second.
I'd like to have long hair.
I still have a photo of me on bicycle taken when I was in 1st standard.
I love the Lollu sabha show!
I like Wodehouse-ian humor.
An American once thought I was chanting Voodoo when all I was doing was ask his name!
I don't like red colored automobiles.
I listen to SPB-Ilayaraja a lot.
When I was 18 years old, I had 34 teeth, but now I have 32!
I always have a fear that I'm going bald!
I know every Sherlock Holmes story - character names, plot details by heart.
I was caught by my mother reading "Laughing Gas" which I had kept inside my 10th standard science textbook, two days before my board exam.
I like Kamal, Ajit and Maddy apart from Rajni Kanth.
When I was 14, I had completed reading all the works by R.K.Narayan.
I have seen Minnale 124 times.
I'm trying to be religious and spiritual.
I've given up drinking coke/pepsi/any other aerated drink.
I like Peyton Manning. I like Tom Brady better.
I don't like Hip Hop music.
I was once chased by a dog for 4 streets when I was learning to drive a cycle.
I like to read the Sportstar.
I have a chocolate craving almost always.
I'm Sh*t scared of dogs.
I'm ruled by Inertia - of rest!
My Shoe size is 13.
I don't like coffee.
I roll at least a kilometer in my sleep every night.
I have a broken nose.
I drink a liter of starbucks coffee everyday to keep myself awake.
I see the time on my cell phone.
I like wearing a neck (crew) shirt inside every shirt I wear.
I'm addicted to music - either I listen to music or I sing, but I do the latter only when I'm alone to spare the hapless souls beside me.

(to be updated later..)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

My pick of a trailer after Sivaji

இனிய தீபாவளி வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!

I really got a high after seeing the Sivaji trailer - especially the beats when names of technicians come in.. The next trailer of this year, which has enthused me is the one for Billa.

As many tyrants and dictators have done, the line which Ajit mouths here, is apt. Kudos to Vishnu Varadan (or whoever who wrote that bit of dialog). The film has that sleek look - much like the Don (2006) and the last bit of guitar left me wanting for more... Hopefully after duds like Vel, Kannamoochi Yenada, YSR comes up with a good score for this. Going by track record of the Vishnu-YSR movies, I think we can expect a decentish score. Importantly, they have 2 remixes of My Name is Billa and Vethalaya Potendi - Remixes are YSR's fort and I have a gut feeling that he might deliver in My Name is Billa, more than Vethalaya... what with hip hop ctrl-c ctrl-v's. And for once, an Ajit movie has decentish/good stills too. And man, has Nayanthara undergone some liposuction or something - she looks much more the part than Priyanka Chopra in Don, as seemingly Nayanthara is taller and she has the tough look too. Perhaps after some very average (or bad/worst) movies, Ajit may rise to the position he had in 1999-2001.....

For more stills, click here

Balaji has blogged on this too!