Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top Songs of 2008

The New Year has been tough on my free time, or what was left of it. This post is ideally what I'd have done in the last week of December. But my take is better late than never. My musical's interests diversified this year, thanks to a good friend of mine, because of whom Hindi songs came on to my play list. Also, my experiments with the Guitar (not so successful, though) also made to dust up my rock music collection. But since this is a chronology based list, I'm limiting it to Indian releases.

1. Adiye Kolludhey - Vaaranam Aayiram -  Sung by: Krish and Shruti Haassan
The lyrics, the tempo and the (inspired from AC/DC?) guitar riff makes this song an ideal one to play when you are doing your daily run.The sore point of this song, is of course Shruti Haasan whose voice is definitely not for tamizh duets. Krish's digitally altered voice also sounds more feminine, but overall this song is a terrific mood booster, at least for me. (And the reason I rank it at 1 is because, at heart, I'm a Tamizh Veriyan)

adiyae_kolluthae.mp3 -

2. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - Rashid Ali
The lead guitar is one of the most catchy ones that I've listened to. The song is awesomely cute (now, that makes me sound gay, which I'm not FYI) and deservedly was a monster hit across all my friends circle.

3. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - Jaane Tu... - Sung By: A.R. Rahman
An awesome jazz inspired song. I wish I could sound so youthful when I'm in my 40's. Rahman's soft vocals adds to the soft jazz effect - the overall effect is that the song flows all around you, much like a stream (while Adiye Kolludhey is like a White Water rafting experience)

4. Nenjukkul Peidhidum - Vaaranam Ayiram - Sung by; Hariharan
This guy's voice with all its majesty has a quality to it that I've not seen replicated by any other playback singer (I said the quality - SPB's voice has 'another' quality - I can't find the exact lexical equivalent of what I think, but I hope you get the overall gist). Again, the guitar (of course its digitally synchronized guitar) is quite good too.

5. Kangal Irandal - Subramaniapuram - Sung by: Belly Raj, Deepa Mariam
The Y connection to this song notwithstanding, this rendition of reethigowlai is quite good - even if not in the same league as Azhagaana Rakshasiye or Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran. But I have tried listening to this song in different versions (the MP3's quality) where I think James Vasanthan's inexperience shows as the bass and treble settings are awry.

6. Aazhiyile - Dhaam Dhoom - Sung By: Haricharan
A very good semi-classical rendition. Would have been a massive hit if not for HJ's inefficacy with the accompanying instruments.

7. In Lamhon, Manamohana and Khwaja - Jodha Akbar - Composer: A. R. Rahman
A.R. Rahman proved that his music is not all glitz and glamor with a classical album like this.

8. Taxi Taxi - Sakkaraikatti - Composer: A.R. Rahman
Super techno beats and synthesized music at its best.

9. O Saaya - Slumdog Millionaire - Composer: A.R. Rahman
If music can be exhilarating, then this definitely gets itself classified as that.

10.  Guzarish and Kaise Mujhe from Ghajini - A.R. Rahman
Superb songs both of them and the lyrics of Kaise Mujhe makes it enter this list. On the whole, a very good year for ARR - The Mozart from Madras.

Miscellaneous - Worthy of a mention
      a. Kathaazha Kannale from Anjaadhey - quite catchy tune and beat - Decent Kuththu paatu - against the  
          run-of-the-mill kinds like Dandarna and all that crap.
      b. Dosth bada Dosth-u from Saroja - Quite hummable number
      c. Meherban, Gulfisha and gumsum in Ada - the 'worst' album from ARR this year. Rahman's form in
          2008 = His form in 1999-2000 = Sachin Tendulkar's 1998 purple patch.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

EKSI - x/x

Being in North Carolina, I had the opportunity to meet up with one of my oldest roomates in the US and we were trying to see the original 'comedy' scenes a.k.a MASS scenes of Dr. Vijay Joseph, when this video and the other videos from the same user made us re-evaluate Dr. Vijay's position as the best comedian currently. BTW, is that over-grown seppan-kizhangu supposed to be ?Maan kombu? BTW, that guy's parents must be worried as to why their son is trying to take photos with an overgrown seppankizhangu. I think some people have to be kept off webcam and internet/youtube technology.

And if this was not enough to keep me laughing, ICC turned out to be the International Comedy Council when they released this list.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gallappetti Singaram

Shah Rukh Khan might be King Khan or whatever, but why this komali dress @ Golden Globes? Shirt kulla tie? Aduthadhu enna? Pant ku vella boxers?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rahman, It Is!!

Rahman, It Is!!

While people like Kamal Haasan and Aamir Khan are still licking every feet to land an international honor, Rahman has really proved that art transcends barriers, linguistic included - the man is a legend, an unsung one at that. Today confidently, we can proclaim that the most prodigious talent from Tamizh Naadu is A.R. Rahman, Period!!!

And now, the billion people can applaud the genius - The Mozart from Madras!!!

Situation song: ;-)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back with a Blast

Happy New Year. 

The Florida Round Trip ended up alright - a detailed post to follow. Work in the new year has been quite tight - but from the last 3 days' tidings, I guess its good to have a job after all as 4 people have lost their jobs, known to me. This was too good to pass - I think I'm quite late to read this - Thanks to Nirmal.