Saturday, January 30, 2010

Takkunu Oru Tale - 6

Krish was hard at work, biting his lower lip as he is always prone to when thinking hard. He had to think hard. After all, its not daily that you think about ways to kill a man.

Krish was one of the nicest guys you can come across - pleasant, sociable, witty and humorous. At any party, Krish was the bee's knees with his one-liners, pun and wit packed repartees. People liked to be seen with Krish - after all such nice celebrities are not that easy to find. But any one of those who had seen Krish at those parties would be shocked at seeing Krish now. His evil intent was plainly apparent on his face. And of course, Krish didn't make an effort to hide what he was thinking as he had doodled a stick figure in a noose, an exotic dagger and a bottle of pills. The name Ajay was written on the paper of course.

Krish had to kill Ajay. Ajay had stood against whatever Krish's ideals in life were. To start off, Ajay was the proverbial, tall, dark and handsome guy. And he knew he was all that too. Which gave him such a kick that he took people for granted - the trail of hurt people that Ajay had left behind, justifiably warranted a novel to be written. And of course, Ajay had cheated on every relationship he had ever been in. He had cheated his parents by swindling them of their retirement nest egg, on the pretext of starting a business; he had cheated on his girlfriend with a filthy rich widow; he has ratted out on his friend who was out-of-status in the US for a week. Think of a vice and it would be difficult for Ajay not to have had that. And most of all Krish could never forget that Ajay caused the widow's death with terrific planning to inherit the multi-million dollar estate. Krish could not think about any other treatment to Ajay - he had to die. But dying, was not wholly sufficient. He had to die that would make all his dirty deeds seem puerile. Left to his own methods, Krish would like Ajay to have been fried in a cauldron of oil (Krish could help smile at his tam-brahm upbringing which caused him to think of this) - but Krish was known for realism - he could not do something like that......


The phone startles Krish out of his thinking - "Hey Keshav, yeah man, my draft is almost ready. I'm writing the end sequence and have got to kill Ajay's character. I shall send you my draft by email by tonight. Yeah... I know that your intern leaves on her vacation from this Friday - so you shall definitely receive it much before that so that she can proof read it before she leaves... bye!"