Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Recently a good friend of mine told me that he was waiting for my review of Unnaippol Oruvan - This part pleased me as I was at some point of my previous life calling myself a Tamizh Padam PhD - but the reason he gave me stole my thunder - that I generally kizhichify every movie and he was looking forward to see what faults I will find in this one.

Apart from this guy, there is always rathathin raththam, arumai thangachi who keeps telling me that I write blogs to instigate people, make them angry and perhaps sambadhichufy their vayitherichal/sabam. Of course her accusation comes from the fact that amongst our likes, there are only 2 anomalies - Shriya Saran (I like her) and Saurav Ganguly (Akka is a Udal Mannuku, Uyir Dada-ku kinda of fanatic, while I'm, quite evidently, a passionate hater of Ganguly and his ideas {rather the lack of them} ). I generally discount her criticism as I thought she was over exaggerating - but now I'm tempted to think that I've got to definitely tone down. I'm passionate about my opinions and views, but when it encroaches on others' sensibilities, I guess, at that point, I become something I don't want to be - overbearing and hypocrite - so no more rants and raves - no more criticisms - at least for a while so that I can get the "too-much" of it out of my system.


NIRMAL said...


Oh no i never intended you to slow down !!

Everyone is entitled to their views esp when it comes to movies (i might like a village subject movie and some may not like it)

I dint mean to say you should not vent your anger on movies!! I was waiting for your review because i have read ur dasavatharam review before(http://thisdaythisage.blogspot.com/2008/06/dasavatharam-views.html)

So i was more eager to read your review and wanted to know what u felt abt UPO !!

It is good to hear reviews in different tone as well.

Regarding Dada controversy it has to be settled out of blogs ;)

Curd Rice Aurora said...

Hypocrisy is your birth right or something to that effect. Do not let imposed self-consciousness make you let go of it.

Hawkeye said...

let me know how it works. i have been trying and failing at this for several months now.

i am a proud hypocrite. not planning to let that go. as i don't think there is anything wrong with it.

Kaushik said...

Curious to know why you bring in hypocrisy here - when your opinions & views encroach on others' sensibilities, you definitely become overbearing, but not necessarily a hypocrite. Yes, people might get offended, which you might want to avoid, but calling yourself a hypocrite isn't fair, I think. Of course, if you continue to subscribe to something while trashing it, then you are surely a hypocrite (again, subjectively), but trashing something which you generally don't have anything to do with (which is generally what I've seen you do - movies, sports, friends & their marriage-expectations, etc.) - I definitely cannot see it as hypocrisy.