Saturday, September 12, 2009

Internet Explorer and Shopper Discounts

One of my rule of thumb is that Microsoft is internet challenged. They cannot produce one internet based product which is useful for your daily life (including Bing, which is more interested in giving you some service related search results instead of what you are searching). See below: Shopper discount is a scamster online who have a pop-up for IE and when you use your CC it phishes for it and uses it to charge $12.00 every month. I googled the word shopper discount and also searched for it on Bing. While google's second link was about scams, the money hungry Bing tries to promote this scam service. And the LYAO part comes with the Bing advertisements on TV parodying Google. There is a typical tamizh cinema thittu (dad to udhavakarai son) which comes to mind. I don't want to say that. What I shall say is even if Microsoft drinks water standing upside down, they cannot get any close to Google in terms of Internet technology. When it comes to OS and Software suites, I take my hat off to Microsoft - they are God - Windows XP might perhaps be one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life, but when online, run away from Microsoft as if they have the Swine Flu.

Point in case: I'm an Internet Explorer averse person. In my opinion, Internet explorer is like an American car - useless, unreliable and of course, susceptible to every tom, dick and harry out to make a fast buck. A person whom I know quite well is, well, for personal reasons a big fan of Microsoft - and sadly, Internet Explorer and so via that channel, this moron Shopper Discounts phished my credit card number and have been happily charging me 12 every month. Since I quite recently, with a superlative mind control methods chose to zap out all balances on all credit cards, I was surprised to find that there was a balance in one through this shopper dicsounts. So, this whole blogpost might be a result of some personal experience/bias, but the point to take is stay away from Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome. I swear on God that I've not had any pop-ups at all - even when I visit the usual suspects like,, You never know - when Internet Explorer might let you down next.


Webloyalty Consumer Affairs said...


I just read your post and want to give you an official response on behalf of our company. It’s important to us that your concerns are addressed and that your issue is resolved. We would like to address your concerns by providing you with information on how you enrolled in Shopper Discounts & Rewards. However, we don't know who you are. If you would like us to provide you with this information or provide you with other assistance, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-889-8776. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at If you contact me directly, please reference this post.

Consumer Affairs

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you are talking about. The summary of first page results on both bing and google are the same. Both of them have a bunch of direct results to the shopping discounts webpage and 1 result about complaints/billing practices.

As much as a company wants to make money, it is not a very easy job to push random sites up the search list when there is no relevancy match. It is done for safe search etc, but no company will ever report scamsters to top of the list just to make extra money - that too a company as rich as Microsoft.
The biggest plus of Chrome is that it is light weight. Not that it is more secure. Look up independent(unbiased) security tests on browsers and there is very little to pick between the top 3 browsers. If you want to pick into things like standard compliance, that is a different thing. That is pretty good considering IE has more user base than the other browsers.

There is nothing wrong with having strong opinions - but when you state it in public, make sure you back it up with accurate facts.
That said, I do agree that google is ages ahead of Msft with internet based technologies, it is their bread and butter so they better be good at it, but the examples that you have mentioned doesnt have much merit.


Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...


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Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

@ Prabhu,

I understand that there is a method to the madness to every search engine. But the ad that Microsoft runs on TV for Bing is that it is a 'decision' engine. Having said that they seem to result the complaint link much further down the list than Google which has it as the second. I assume that the search results are listed on the basis of relevancy and so would expect such a service which has tonnes of complaints to be listed higher on Bing. Tell me if my expectation is wrong.

I base my opinions on my own personal usage. Chrome, apart from being light on my overused laptop RAM, seems to be a much more stable and secure browser - case in point, the pop-ups in some common websites. Microsoft though historically has really not put in any 'seeable' effort in improving IE, at least from what I see.