Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Public Fawning 101

A former room-mate of mine used to say that Tamizh makkal, and Indians in general try to take pride in what other Tamizh-makkal or Indians do. That is one of the primary reasons why you see these film stars like Shah Rukh Khan expecting people to 'know' them and their bloody star status.

A few months ago, Abdul Kalam was frisked by continental - lots of Indians felt angry/humiliated. I didn't. All these politicians, leaders and executive fucntionaries are at the best, first amongst equals (thank you, J. Archer) and so, I don't believe that they should enjoy any special privileges that we do not enjoy. As much as they enjoy the free plane travels, free train travel to their onnu-vitta-chithappa, let them also go through the stuff that the aam-aadmi goes through.

And, Shah Rukh Khan saying that he was targetted because 'his name was Khan' (a generous nod to the next moronic movie  that K. Johar is making) - though sounds bad, is the bitter truth. As much as I disagree that majority of moslem followers are jihad-fantics, it is a verifiable fact that most of the who's who of the world's terror list are the followers of the moslem faith. Honestly how many times do you go to the airport and see the DHS poster up asking for names such as Srinivasan or Sabapathy or Abithakujalambal? So, Shah rukh Khan, instead of blaming the folks who did their job in spite of you creating a ruckus, blame your holy brothers who are involved in holy wars to stop the nonsense and co-exist. Till then all the Khans will be subject to these 'random' checks. Also, SRK must be  thanking his stars that those guys did now know him. If they knew him and had by their ill-luck seen such masterpieces like Rab Ne Bana Di  Jodi and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, they might have requested Obama to re-open Gitmo and put him there and kick his insolent arrogant ass into shape.


Raghu Sharma said...

Good Show- Mine is at http://raghuism.com

Nirmal said...

"My Name is Khan" . They questioned me for 2 hours because i was Khan.

Appears to be like publicity stunt!
Many have done it before..

If APJ is not respected in sense Former President of Republic of India then why does these ppl make so much scene of an actor from Bollywood.

Blame it on media and for 1 day there wasnt less news or panic created by watching news channels

GentleLavender said...

Fiery post. Interesting too.