Monday, August 31, 2009


1. Agassi being honored at the US Open - and the commentators hyping him up and saying he 'gave competition' to Sampras through out Sampras' career!! I simply cannot understand why these American commentators try to lick Agassi's ass so blatantly and unashamedly when Sampras was also an American player.

2. Agreed that Roddick played out of his skin in this year's wimbledon. Hats off!! But then putting him as a favorite in the US Open when you have Federer, Djokovic, Murray and of course, the Mudhevi from Mallorca, Nadal in the fray is another obvious attempt to something by Pam Shriver what Brooklyn Decker must be doing at their home.

3. I don't understand what standing Pam Shriver has to comment about other women's tennis player. For all her alattal and atoozhiyam, she went to one Grand Slam open. She keeps referring to her playing days and talks as if she was a Martina Navratilova or Steffi Graf. Bullshit bullock-carts, I say!!

4. James Blake being referred to as a 'great' player is a bit too much - ivanga kosu thollai thaanga mudiyalada naarayana!!!


Anonymous said...

Dude, Have you seen Agassi play? How long have you been following his career? Let me guess you must have been in your nappies when he probably reached his first grand slam final or even during his first win.

His story is like a fairy tale and hence they big him up. Sampras was a machine whereas Agassi was everyone's favorite.

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

I've seem Agassi play. Poor serve - excellent return and volley though. He was nowhere near Pistol Pete's class or efficiency. IMO, all this masala, fairytale players can stick to hollywood. I like skill, efficiency and results.

MADHAV said...

Hey! Agassi completed a career grand slam. Its no mean task. So he is an achiever. Agassi and Sampras had completely different styles. So can't really compare them.

One thing about Pistol Pete was that he was almost robotic and never showed any emotion. Press, media and people in general love emotion and histrionics. So he doesnt get mentioned about often. Besides that Agassi got Graf who is another legendary player! That might make them the First Couple of tennis or whatever in the world (USA)!!