Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bucket List

This movie is an anti-climax. You have the best cast possible - Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and some amazing lines written. The villain is the screenplay. What could have been a brilliant movie is let down by unwanted mushi-ness you can ever see in Nicholson movie.

Edward Perriman Cole died in May. It was a Sunday afternoon, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It's difficult to understand the sum of a person's life. Some people will tell you it's measured by the ones left behind. Some believe it can be measured in faith. Some say by love. Other folks say life has no meaning at all. Me? I believe that you measure yourself... by the people who measured themselves by you. What I can tell you for sure is that, by any measure... Edward Cole lived more in his last days on Earth... than most people manage to wring out of a lifetime. I know that when he died, his eyes were closed... and his heart was open.

I wish somebody would say the last two sentences about me when I cease to be. The thing that I like about the movie, is that the fact the 2 guys are able to accept the fact they are going to die and are able to actually have a few pun-filled conversations about it. I see folks around me planning for next year and the next 5 years and all that and though I do realize that this kind of long term planning is essential, we should not lose focus of the fact that you never know if you'd be around the next day. This denial of the actual fact is what makes people flip over when something bad happens. You see folks committing suicide when the stocks fall, putting up stupid Facebook messages (emotional of course, as stupid alone is fine with me) when a loved one either passes on or a relationship they'd assumed eternal ended up having an expiry date. I think this thought of mine was inspired and is now, very succinctly captured by Melchizedek's story in The Alchemist.

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Trendsetters said...

I loved this movie....Nicholson is my favourite....Even Morgan freeman was more than excited for his usual style...