Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apple v. Microsoft

I'm not a big fan of the series of ads run by Apple where they supposedly spoof Bill Gates. I have never seen an ad from Apple where they have just said what is good them - they have to include the bit about what is bad with MS Windows/MS and then say that they have a better version of that functionality. If Windows was that sucky, then 80 percent of the world would not be using that OS. And with the recent report that Firefox has had more patches/security updates than IE in the last year just shows that IE is not a poor browser by default, its just that those useless pieces of sh*t which write pop-up/malware/spyware write code to target the most used browser.

And with this piece of news , perhaps Apple can run that their browser/OS is so easy to use even for a hacker! Unimaginative Makkale, change your marketing tactics!!

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NIRMAL said...

Linux is probably the most stable OS of all..but you know right why it dint get into market that much is because of it doesnt hv the ease of use as MS does. MS is simple/easy to use for everyone! but linux looks like it is meant for geeks and more than 90% of embedded products use Linux as OS and not MS!!!